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  1. Here is what I found on SPT amp rating. SPT1 20 AWG is rated for 7 Amps (some manufacturers say 2 amps) SPT1 18 AWG is rated for 10 Amps SPT2 18 AWG is rated for 10 Amps. SPT2 16 AWG is rated for 13 Amps So it depends on wire size. The SPT-1 wire I have used is 20 AWG. http://www.actionlighting.com/item-detail.asp?ID=1412&MainCategory=&Sub= and http://www.creativedisplays.com/product/310/WEATHER-X-ZIP-CORD/
  2. You do need the Pro boards from LOR. The PC ones do not support standalone mode. If that’s not the issue, open the file with the editor and make sure it plays. It must be an Animation sequence, not a Musical. Save it as a new file name. Close the editor and use the hardware utility to find the new file and load it. I do stand-alone and never had a problem. Steve
  3. Hover over "Goodies" in the chat menu bar. The Member map is the third item from the bottom. If the list goes off the browser window, use the down arrow to move down the list. or try this link http://forums.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/membermap/
  4. Bumping this topic. I just found the member map and add myself to it. Steve
  5. Now that I have my 2011 display up I have identified items that I will not use or have dupes of and need the room for this years finds. The larger items ( Mrs. C, Carolers, Santa) are local pickup in Kansas City area only. The other items are best offer by Sunday Dec. 4 at noon. I will be unavailable all day Tue. Nov. 29 and will reply to all inquiries Wed evening. Steve
  6. Here is a Santa Face I have. Made by MarKee with a sticker that says Impact Plastics, Maynard, MN. copyrite 1996.
  7. ChristmasKC


    I would love to go but can't make it on May 1st. Let me know if you go. I may have a deal to help pay part of your way.
  8. I would think the manufactures would use the 80% rule when they mark there products. I know the company I work for did. We had a computer system that would draw 19 amps if it was fully loaded. They required a 30amp circuit from the customers to install it even so most of the systems installed where less than 20% loaded. My guess would be a .33 amp string would draw about .28 amps. Also remember, when a bulb goes out the draw will go up.
  9. Back to Kansas displays. Here is one with all wood cut-outs from my web site. http://christmaskc.org/D0010.html
  10. The Target are most likely Energy Saver bulbs. They are 2.5v but will not work with 2.5v regular and 2.5v supper bright bulbs.
  11. I like the idea. I will need partial cases of several items. I also live in the KC area and could save shipping charges. I'll work up my list and post it here next year. Steve
  12. I would try one or all of the below 1. Put a note asking the person not to do the dead because the ? do not like seeing it. 2. Put a trip wire that ether turns on or off the lights or sound an alarm. 3. Or do what I did and put up a flood light that comes on when the lights go out. I caught some young girls doing mine. The driver dropped the car keys in the yard and they could not get away. I helped them find the keys.
  13. There was a thread many years back on making a snow machine. I looked at it and decided it was impractical for me because: 1. Had to have a air compressor running all the time. 2. Had to have a water supply to the nozzle. 3. When not running had to make sure the lines did not freeze.
  14. Unplug parts of the circuit until the GFI stays on then plug parts back in until you find the item with the ground fault.
  15. I never have tried the zap box on a controller. I wouldn't think it wouldn't work through the controller. I have had some success using a voltage detector. If that fails I mark the leads coming out of the controller and cut it off. Hard wire to the zap box and fix the lights and then connect the controller back up or replace with a known good one of the same type.
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