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  1. Not at this time I did not. I know I am taking a chance but I am just going to see what happens. We had some good winds Sunday and Monday and it handled it well. I might add some later. Now I just need to get a star on top.
  2. So I want to create mini mega tree. What is a mini mega tree you ask? Well glad you asked. I want to create a tree about 10-feet tall. I have a flag pole but it is not in a good position to create the tree so I was going to build one. My first question is what is the difference between black pipe and galvanized pipe? Lowes has both and I was thinking about one of these for a 10-foot tree, well 1 foot will be in the ground. Since this is not a tall tree will a 1-inch pipe be ok? I know I am starting late but hey better late than never. Thanks
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