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    St Louis, Missouri, USA
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    I am a 47 year old Electrician
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    Christmas lights ,Great Danes,
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    Electrician Local ONE IBEW
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    I put up about 30,000 lights with tons of wire frames and a tunnel of lights over my driveway

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  1. I found some old Christmas lights i am thinking from the 50's they are full size bulbs 25 watt as anyone ever seen these used on a house back in the day. I put them up on my carport they look great I wouldnt want to put up many with the power they take I put up thirty
  2. 100 strand Minis get shorter every year i build a tunnel over my driveway every year and the lengh of tunnel is the lengh of 100 mini .This year the ones from lowes are 23.9 feet, last year they were 25 feet i have some form walmart from 4 or 5 years ago that are 27.5 feet and i have some real old one from lowes in the flat boxes that are 32 feet when is it ever going to end makes it very hard to do my tunnel every year .
  3. I get very Limited traffic also, I have over 35,000 lights and 100 light sculptures . A lot of it is location and you being new to the area . I live on a dead end street I don't get a lot of traffic but the people and kids on my street love my display and always say ohhh you live at the Christmas light house . I used to get more traffic 10 years ago with less lights but I was a main drag . At times I wish I had a few more people look at my lights . but i would never want to get to big and have neighbor problems that some people have . I do my display for myself ,family and friends anybody else that enjoys it is just a bonus . hope you have a great Christmas and don't let it get you down people will come , just give them time but be careful what you wish for
  4. I just looked at the pic again I have the Santa and reindeer up on the roof bought hem on eBay but had them when i was a boy
  5. Nope I swear a lucky guess. I saw one of them before was 1971 and i thought this was a earlier I love old Christmas stuff.I wished i would have paid more atention in my youth .
  6. Wow very nice! love it! inside and out sounds like you live on a busy street I am sure you get a lot of traffic . Great job!!
  7. My stuff hung in pretty good i had one inflatable blow across my yard so I turned the rest of yesterday they are back up today
  8. A St Louis Girls Video went Viral on U tube
  9. Lokks great! very nice work love all your cutouts:)))
  10. I just got back from Harbor freight I bought two security camera's. I used two coupons one was the camera was 29.95 the other i used a 20% off and got it for 27.95 I put them both up and seem to work well. I will see tonight how the night vision works but you cant beat the price of 30 bucks it comes with 80 feet of cable very easy to hook up right now i am not recording them just have them on my tv by putter so i can keep and eye on my display.
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