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  1. I have 13,000 lights on mine and use vampire plugs spt2, just keep plugs off ground and keep water from running down cord and into the plugs ( low point not the plugs). I don't use tape or dielectric grease on my plugs.
  2. Little late also, I only do the front 180 degrees of my 25' pole, due to the layout of my display. I use four sets of strings for each of the eight segments.
  3. I have color coded with different colored electrical tape, works for me and I have about 80 "super" cords that plug in to "super stings".
  4. Adding some spinners using Dumb RGBs I have laying around, probably be about 4 feet in diameter.
  5. Not sure what this means "For years I've disconnected the AC panels on the north side of my house (up and downstairs) and converted them into four 20 amp plugs in," how did you convert something to 20 amps? I went worst case and think you just changed out breaker/fuse size, did you change the wires feeding them? over loading a wire designed for 15 amps with 20 amps is a good way to start a fire. As to the other question, 12 gauge should be more than enough. https://www.calculator.net/voltage-drop-calculator.html, I guessed you would lose max, 2 volts off the top of my head, this calcu
  6. It's getting late at night and don't want to call, I was informed by me lady boss, this weekend is a no go for welding up your item. Any day in the week or next weekend should work,  Let me know whats best.  I will try to give you a call Sat, or Sunday to try to figure something out.  


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