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  1. Thanks for the link. I will give it a try Tim
  2. Does anyone know where I could purchase wire frame reindeer motors? Thanks Tim
  3. This is an excellant album. I am very excited to have some new music for the display. Good Work Judy! Tim
  4. I would want both parts. How much are you willing to let it go for? Thanks Tim Denver
  5. I am looking for the older style cream colored Monster Brain to purchase. Please let me know if you have one you would sell. Thanks Tim
  6. All, Merry Christmas!! Last fall I recieved a catalog with climbing elves moving up a down a 4 foot ladder. It was around $200, way too expensive. I can not find the catolog, did any of you see this? Thanks Tim
  7. What font did you use for the word "Santa Tracker"? How did you paint that on so well? Thanks Tim
  8. I will give him a try Thanks Tim
  9. Hi all, I am looking for gold or amber led light strings. I have searched the web and have not found anything. Is there such a item? Thanks Tim
  10. Thanks for the link, that one was used and already sold.
  11. I am looking for a Gemmy Bubble Fogger maker. I have searched the internet and ebay and have found none available. If you have one I would be interested in purchasing it from you Thanks Tim
  12. I am looking for a Christmas countdown timer for my computer to use as a screen saver. Any ideas or links you could share? Thanks Tim
  13. trkeenan


    I am located in South East Denver 937 South Leyden Street Denver 80224 Tim
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