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    The Christmas Card
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    I live in Oxford, North Carolina. I've been teaching high school for thirty years. Been married for the passed twenty-six years. We have our own automotive repair shop and dragrace team.
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    Christmas, Dragracing and teaching
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    High School Teacher
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    Since 1995, Yvonne has been the coordinator of the christmas display at our home. Starting in 2006, we collected canned goods for the ACIM (food bank) Area Congregation in Ministry.The community was ask to bring one can to the house. When they came to see the display. The Campbells has collected up to 800 cans in a year. Each year the light display gets bigger and brighter. This year Yvonne has some goals that will make you flip.

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  1. Good Day I can not find the post on the food people are bringing. What would you like for the lunch ?
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