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    The Christmas Story
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    Potomac Falls, Va
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    Been decorating for the last 25 years
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    Gardening, Creating Christmas Displays
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    Information Technology
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    My Christmas Toy House in Millwood Square
    It's been more than 20 years that I started doing my Christmas Display and been a childhood dream of mine to do this. I know that somehow when they see and experience it, brings a lot of joy and happiness to their christmas and a lasting imprint to their hearts.

    I thank the Lord for the hands and sight that guide me to create something out of lights and so that I can continue this ministry of mine thru the coming years. Every year this is my devotion to Santo Nino, that I promise to complete by 12 midnite of December 24th.

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  1. JOY OF CHRISTMAS - in Millwood Square (FACEBOOK - My Christmas Toy House in Millwood Square) To All my Family & Friends and people who visited "MY CHRISTMAS TOY HOUSE DISPLAY in Millwood Square" every night and every year for the past many years. THANK YOUFEATURED:ANC (Top Story) look Pinoy in US, Clem Vinas builds Christmas Toy Househttps://youtu.be/SPFVwcReAOcBALITANG AMERICA - Virginia Pinoy transforms home in a spectacular attractionhttps://youtu.be/iA9PEsn_EEgFirst winner For the Holiday House Proud Contest (December 22, 2015) is the "A Christmas To Remember in Millwood Squ
  2. why is my video still pending approval since 9/15/16 ...... ? who approves the videos posted here ? Somebody posted a video this October and no pending approval for their video ?
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