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    Fascinated by both Christmas lights and electricity as a kid. Worked as a transmitter tech for Canadian Broadcasting Corp, A network services tech for Newfoundland Telephone, A terminals electrician for Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro and an electrical instructor for College of the North Atlantic. Now retired but still plays with electricity!
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    176 channels of LOR controlling approximately 14,000 lights. Everything built from scratch including Megatree, 30' Arch, Minitrees, Candle Rack, Animated Guitar Player and Drummers, Strobe lights, Wireframes, and many Illuminated Plywood Cutouts. Ramsay FM transmitter at 104.5

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  1. Eureka! I just remembered... https://www.actionlighting.com/c9-replacement-christmas-socket-pack-100pc-bag-100slac9skt/ Hope this helps!
  2. There used to be a "vendors list" here before planet Christmas was "renovated", I can't seem to find it anymore. I used it quite often and I remember one or two vendors that sold replacement c-9 sockets in both green and white. You will probably need the ones for the heavier SPT2 wire if the wire on the decoration is about the same physical size as household extension cord wire. Some new sockets and super bright retrofit C9 bulbs are probably the easiest way to go so you don't have to spend a lot of time tearing apart your decorations which look in nice condition.
  3. In a normal Windows installation the LOR sequence editor normally uses the directory C:/program files/light-o-rama/sequences to store your existing sequences. Using windows explorer you can go to this directory and either delete the unwanted sequences (warning they are gone forever when you empty your trash!!!) or make a new subdirectory called old sequences and move them there out of the way. The sequence files have .las or.lms file extensions and the sequence backup files (ones that you have worked on which show up under recent sequences) use .lms.bak file extensions.
  4. I am fascinated with what some people are creating with cutting edge 3-D printers. There are already web sites that offer both free and purchased 3-D printer files for making your own Christmas and Halloween decorations, it is worth your while if you have time to spare to browse the web and see what's actually out there! I was also wondering how easy it might be to bring some of the smaller old blowmolds back to life like the skull candle or devil head, etc, by scanning the originals and making the files available for people with 3d printers to reproduce copies. This is cutting edge tech just
  5. So far I have repaired a couple dozen of these units of the type that you see in my photos and have almost always had to replace both the xenon flash tube and the trigger coil. Many electronics suppliers sell them as sets. Also in many commercial strobe units, like those used in emergency vehicles, both the xenon flashtube and trigger coil come factory assembled and sealed as a replaceable module with a three pin connector. Living in northern Canada, I get mine from ABRA electronics in Montreal to save on postage, customs and brokerage fees. ABRA also have a branch in the U.S. that accepts on
  6. How to dis-assemble and modify Xenon curtain strobes using teflon tubing to help prevent the High Voltage trigger coil secondary from arcing out when the unit is damp. Also shows how to replace the Xenon flash tube. From past experience, I now replace both the tube and the HV trigger coil to revive dead units.
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