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  1. donna123

    Flower Lights

    These look very close to what you posted. They even have individual bulbs on the leaves. Instead of looking for "flower" I looked for "hyacinth".
  2. donna123

    Flower Lights

    These look very nice. I'd love to have a few in front of the house for Easter. Unfortunately I've never seen them.
  3. Hi Rich, We had an ice storm years ago that knocked out power for a few days. We tried to stay, but when the temp inside got to 39 degrees we packed up and went to my mom and dad's house. It was this experience that showed us we needed a second heat source. We changed our fireplace to an energy efficient wood burning insert with a stainless steel lining. This was one of the best changes we ever made! Happy New Year! Donna
  4. Wow, that video is unbelievable! As they say..."Ice is the great equalizer". Thank goodness I don't need to go out much. Donna
  5. Hi Scott Rob, We still have plenty of snow although most of it is gone. Tonight's storm is freezing rain (ice) and 2 inches of snow on top of that. We definitely will have the fire going tonight! Take care, Donna
  6. Did I read this right? $19.99 for 1 candy cane and $182.98 to ship it, are they for real???? Happy New Year!
  7. Everything looks great! I always loved the Universal Electric Snowman. He is one of my favorites! ⛄
  8. Congrats on a awesome display! 😀
  9. You are a very, very kind person. I'm sending you a pm.
  10. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite! Really love the fireplace scene!!
  11. Yes, Santa's Workshop is still in business and Whiteface Mountain, during the warmer months, still has the drive to the parking area and then you can climb to the summit or take the elevator. The views are awesome! Merry Christmas, Donna It is beautiful and these last few days have been so frigid that I'm sure it will be here for quite some time!!! Merry Christmas, Donna
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