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    2,000 lights last year. have 15,000 available to use this year

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  1. Thanks as usual. I did find a few of the corn bulbs but not a ton of reviews in that size so was skeptical.
  2. I know someone had a thread at somepoint but can't find it. Anyone know of good corn light bulbs that have the E12 base i can use for blowmolds with small holes? I don't want to use a spot light next year on my reindeer and need a much brighter light inside. All the regular LED bulbs I can find are too large to even fit in the holes.
  3. I got a little cocky and put way too much on a long run of SPT wire. Needless to say I over powered the wire and had to make two separate runs to complete it. My question is can I pull off the female plugs and reuse them? Figure the wire is probably no good but I have 17 plugs id hate to trash.
  4. I like the idea. Someone like me will never have the time or patience to make a light show. We have a house here that does it to music but feel they flash just a bit to much. Almost needs a seizure warning.
  5. Nice finds. Our Goodwills seldom has anything good. Even when they have lights they are way over priced for being used.
  6. All depends on what type of strand it is. Most likely though pulling one may drop part of your strand. Just pull one quick and see what happens.
  7. I second the dielectric grease. Big J put me onto that last year and its worked wonders. I've wanted to try those connectors but at $5 a pop at Menards no thanks! Haha
  8. I have a ton of net lighting I'm considering using for most of it then most likely will use SPT-1 wire to connect most of it.
  9. I'm on a wire frame one in book face that's not bad. You can't beat good ole PC for real info. I know there are two other forums Christmas sites similar to PC but that are 98.38484999% animated, dancing, pixels and all that jazz. I know there's plenty of that here but also tons of static help. Heck even stuff on storage is great here.
  10. Makes sense sort of. I know quite a few people in my area who are lighting up for the first time or adding to what little they had.
  11. Has anyone else noticed that noticeable downsize in what stores are carrying this year for lights? Wal-Mart and Lowes seem to be at half what they usually are. I have so yet to find any of my stores here that have the giant bulbs. I was hoping to get some after Christmas. We don't have a HD here either. I was in Menards earlier this year and they seem about the same as usual.
  12. If I do make them next year I will be sure to post the details. I think the "hardest" part of it will be running the power. Most of my lights are on the front so most likely will have to run a long cord from the back to make it work.
  13. Kind of an arch but not really. I have three arches over my side drive and thought about doing a tunnel over my main drive. I'm thinking same concept as arches. Probably make each side 10ft high then due to weight I figure every 5ft then will be a support going across for the length of the drive. Anyone else make a tunnel and have an tips or suggestions? We went to Light Under Louisville last weekend and they had two massive tunnels and my wife wants one and so do I. I now have 300 days to plan this thing out as it will be for the 2021 season.
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