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  1. Did anyone end up helping out Burnsville High School? It's getting close... I still need to complete fixing my mini trees for the Apple Valley party. (The snow "Slid" down the small hill they were on during the winter, and really bent them up / broke the welds.)
  2. I hosted the fall MN mini last year, and I would be willing to host one again in the this year. (But I've got too much going on this spring / early summer to host anything until late summer / fall - Hopefully earlier so we don't run into setup like last year ) -Mark
  3. I added over 1,200 feet of comm cable to my display last year. With all the different lingths, I went with the make it myself. If you are going to make your own, be sure to get a cable tester to make sure the cable works...
  4. ...I did Apple Valley last year. (For people not from the Twin Cities, Burnsville is a city next to Apple Valley.) I told them that if the partys were on different days I would consider it. It happens that they are both on the same day this year, and I have to go with the school that my kids will go to some day
  5. I would (they also asked me), but I'm already booked on the night of their party.. I would be interested in what song they picked out
  6. The melting snow is pulling over the stuff in the yard... The mini trees are at weird angles, the twig trees are halfway to the road, and the candy canes are goign in all different directions. I cheated last night and had 11 cords running out the side door to keep things running. I'm not sure if I can even take much down until it melts. Hopefully nothing get too damaged. Here's to a better 2011!!! Hope you all have a happy new year! -Mark
  7. After a weekend of snow blowing, the tire on our snow blower came off the rim. The redneck in me always wanted to try the WD-40 fix to get the tire to rebead... It didn't work (But I finally found something that did ) Check out my fail, and then I finally got it to work! -
  8. I like the drift rings around stuff in your pictures! Hopefully they get you plowed out soon!
  9. I like to think that some of our candy canes are now mini-arches! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=464846812075&set=a.159746497075.116814.159730967075
  10. No, I try to stay out of the display once it snows... I think it looks better without footprints in it. It also works for security - People don't want to make new footprints, and it helps validate when the cute fuzzy bunnies attack! If I do anything, I'll attack the mound that the snow plow makes.
  11. I've given up even trying to fix stuff the goes out. :/ I've lost parts on a few strings in the new mega tree, and with it being on a small hill, I don't even want to think about trying to get the ladder setup in the snow... The priority right now is to keep the snow plow bank down so people can see over it
  12. We received a note during our first animated year that our lights were going to cause seizures…
  13. Thanks! It does look like this years, and I am on it! (I think was just a list last year without the map.)
  14. I must be blind, I don't see it on their web site yet.
  15. I tried a test run when I got home, and the outlets sounded like pop-corn I can "cheat" if 3 or 4 pop, but 7 are too many to run cords from inside...
  16. What's up with our MN weather this year? To keep it positive, is anyone else feeling the love from their GFCI's tonight?
  17. Did you see any footprints? I've been hit by the cute fuzzy bunnies before... I've been concerned about tree rats as well, but so far they have left the lights alone
  18. I built a brace to hold up the big branch the broke. Ran a quick test on the tree, and I only lost one string on the tree. The ones that wrap around the top are a different story, but it's good enough for me. I also unwrapped the arch where it broke, and use a PVC coupler to fix it. I only lost one bulb on it, and all the strings still light! I'm still way behind, but I'm feeling better knowing that I've fixed the stuff that was damaged in the storm.
  19. We finally resorted to shoveling out part of the yard… Hopefully it’s not too frozen
  20. I have not done the list in the past... I'm going for it this year! ...I just sent in the e-mail to the Star Tribune! (Don't tell my neighbors )
  21. I WAS liking the snow, untill I looked at our big "Green" tree. It's lost a number of branches, and one of them fell on a arch, snapping it into multiple pieces Any idea how chain saws mix with Christmas lights?
  22. This had better melt soon, I'm way to far behind! You can kinda see the lights in the tree on the left, and the 20 inch light stakes sticking out of the ground.
  23. Since we didn't get my stars up at the mini, () I've got a group of guys scheduled to come over Saturday afternoon to help get them onto the roof. It's looking like I'm going to have to reschedule... That's going to really put me behind if I can't get them up this weekend. (I'm waiting on the yard stuff so no one steps on it...)
  24. I don't remember how wide the role was, but I believe it was either 18 or 24 inches wide, and multiple feet long. It was a single piece per side. I was able to cut the sheet larger then the sign so it would "Seal" the edges.
  25. If you print it with a (color) laser printer (Fed-Ex / Kinkos), the ink will not run if it gets wet. I also use clear shelf laminate to help seal my sign.
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