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  1. Tremor the lcd in the video is just for testing it will be much bigger when i put it in the window. I tested it and you can see it will form the street Aaron I used the windows shell command form LOR to send the song title to a .bat file the .bat file then makes a html file that i can read form another PC through a RSS reader. now that i have the song title out of LOR I can do whatever I want with it. I found the easiest way was to use some digital signage software there are many out on the market some even give you the software for free if you buy there player. the one I chose is Omnivex Moxie because i had access to it and i already knew how to use it I have a friend that is a graphic designer but if you know how to use Photoshop i am sire it would be easy to make your own backgrounds. I use the Moxie software to run the screens and the and triggers it gets form LOR. if you know more than me about building websites i am sure you could use the information form the .bat file to control a webpage or something like that
  2. this is my 80% version of my new now playing signboard Let me know what you think
  3. what kind of German thing is the potato.. I found 2 of them this year and I could not figure out why..
  4. I have heard there is not any difference but i use cat5 cable and have never had any issues. on the controller there is only 1 connector for the phone cable and 2 cat 5 connections I find it cheaper to buy cable and cut it to length then put my own connectors on it as 100' patch cords can get real pricey.
  5. I have the exact same train with the same problem... did you ever get it working??
  6. Anyone seen some online Sale's for mini and or LED lights?? I am looking to build a 3 color mega tree next year but not sure the budget can handle 5.40 per 100c
  7. I needed 2 a couple weeks ago and emailed LOR and hey had them to me for free in 4 days. very impressed with their service..
  8. I just finished my sign but i put a radio in the bottom of the sign so people walking by can hear the music. it is back lit with some C9 bulbs and tinfoil to reflect come of the light forward in the box.
  9. you also need to change the wire form the breaker to the receptacle you are changing to 20A #14 wire is only rated for 15A toy will need to upgrade it to a #12 wire if you want to go 20A a 15A breaker will only give you a sustained load of 12A before it trips. a 20A breaker will give you a sustained load of 18A. That being said a 15A breaker will do 18-20A for a short time 1-2 seconds before triping But like everyone else says if you never turn on all your lights for more than a couple seconds you should not have a problem.
  10. I am finding them a pain as well i am thinking of thinking of taking rangebob's idea and stopping the radio with the schedule but starting it with DTMF tones. I will do some tests later but i think this could work best for me. I was thinking of upgrading my show pc to a new win 7 one but it sounds like the all the software is not quite win 7 friendly yet. I don't think i am going to do the jump this close to Christmas show time.. without enough testing time it would be asking for problems.
  11. Hi All I am having problems getting LOR to stop Zara Radio 100% of the time. I am loading it on a win XP SP3 PC this is what I have tried 1) Zara Radio will start and stop 100% of the time if i play the DTMF tones with windows media player 2) I have made a LOR Sequence with the DTMF tones and put them in the start up and shut down of my show. the Start tone works 100% but the stop tone only works 50% of the time. 3) i tried different stop tones. no change 4) I chose to load sequences before they are needed. choosing this changed it to working 80% of the time better but not perfect. 5) Got a new sound card (no Change) Am i doing something wrong??
  12. I am just doing the same thing. I am playing with the trial of LSP and after you realize that sequencing is completely different than LOR it seams to be a better product. Has anyone have any bad experiences with it??
  13. that is a real nice sign. don't think i am going to go that big this year but i will be building something smaller. Putting a radio inside is a good idea so I can test the transmitted..
  14. I went for the 4000 with the magnetic antenna. it was a little more than i wanted to spend but i want something that sounds good. you are right teddy stereo will sound better in the car. this way i can put the transmitter inside and run the antenna outside the window. just outside i have some reindeer and a sleigh on the roof tied to some uni-strut the 5' lead should get me there. my yard is not that big so i only need to get 40' to the road and a little each way. if you cant see the house no need to hear the music. what do you do for people that walk by?? I was thinking of putting a small speaker or radio out near the road that they could control the volume on. I am building a stand or something to put out at the end of my driveway with my food bank donation bin. I could build the radio or speaker into that somehow. Thanks for your help
  15. What antenna do you use?? 33.5" metal telescoping antenna, magnetic base or GP 1/4 wave antenna
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