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  • My favorite Christmas story
    As a kid my parents drove me and my 3 brothers around town on Christmas eve to look at lights.
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    Pelham, AL
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    I have a wife of 37 years, 3 sons, 4 grandkids. I like to tinker in my basement and enjoy college football.
  • Interests
    I enjoy tinkering. I have my man cave where I spend most of my time be it working on Christmas displays, programs, building model ships, or whatever.
  • Occupation
    My company custom thermoformes plactic items.
  • About my display
    My display started over 30 years ago. I always enjoyed looking at lights but never liked putting the up. My boys always bugged me to put some up. I like piddling in my shop, so one year I made a simple tree out of strands of lights. Small strip of wood at the top and a longer one at the bottom. It took a day or two, in the comfort of my basement, and I rigged a pulley system to the lift the tree on the house. It looked good. After the season I lowered the tree, roller it up, and stored it. The following year it took me about 30 minutes to decorate my house. What the heck, I'll make something else. So I did that every year. All of my displays are hand made, and self supporting. It is somewhat unique because I don't have a single strand of lights attached to my house of in the trees.

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  1. I have worked for a couple of days and determined that I have a bad Blob. The strand is in a display that has 7 other circuits in it and they are stacked on each other. To remove it would require rewiring the whole display. Any ideas? That would take days!
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