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    McKenzie, Tennessee, USA
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    Creating Lighting Displays for over 30 years
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    Displaying lights for Christmas,Halloween,and Easter.
    Other hobbies include Department 56,coins,Sports collections and gemstones
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    Christmas display is built and designed around blow molds.

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  1. You've gotta love it when some of the old time high rollers awake on a special mold and watch the bidding go way up !
  2. Over the years they usually are $75 to $125....Now , If it is in great shape and you have the box..then they may go for the $200 price at times. They are a great find especially at your price
  3. Beco....Poloron.....Santas Best......TPI In that order. Everyone else is OK because they are blowmolds
  4. Another great looking display Andrew !! Your design & layout inside or out is "top of the line" Great to know that some of our friends can always come up with the best! Bill & Cindy
  5. Yep....your ill alright...but so are severel older diehard molders. Some new molders could not imagine what SOME molders have in storage and just maybe someday thay may display it.
  6. Try maybe China or Mexico....Gotta be somewhere with a low pay scale
  7. Glad to see Menards has sone new molds. I don't care who makes the molds today.... just as long as someone is making them!! I need to buy something new. It's been toooooo long
  8. TACKY ???? Hummm! How does 1000 blowmolds in your yard look tacky? I don't understand that!!!! They are a work of ART!! .....Least at this molders house-lol!
  9. Glad to see you back Dave. Your landscape for molds sounds great! Bill M
  10. Some of the best PC members lurked for a long time years ago. Molders mostly lurked back in the early days of PC (1998-1999)...BACK TO LURKING !
  11. I have a 12X20 metal building that I store my supplies for my blow mold displays and additional parts need for them. I then built a steel building with concrete floor. It is 36' by 48' (You could have parked 5 or 6 cars in it or more) This building has racks that the molds are placed on so you can see them if need be. They are never stacked on each other. The areas in the building have their own type of molds together. (Christmas,Halloween,Easter,other) Every shelf has a written inventory. All choir, angels, Santas, Elfs, Bunny, pumpkin, ghost and so on are placed together. It has to be done like that to keep up with all of them due to the volume/number of molds (YES..there is a TON of them..LOL-LOL)
  12. Carrie, That's why I posted 400 or 600--LOL! 600 is for the small size molds. Maybe 500 for the mixed sizes ..... 400 standard size....But what is standard size is the next question 30+ inches ?? 48" large size?
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