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  1. Thanks JIm, Really appreciate it. Send me a PM with cost and I will send it. I am traveling to Asia on Tuesday so will send the money as soon as I land and get to the hotel. Regards, Rodger
  2. I use the Colonnade Lights LiteClip strips in my display. Unfortunately I am short about 25 clips for either the C7 or C9 bulbs. Looking on the liteclipstrip.com website, it is $139 for 1000 pieces. Does anyone have 25 of these to spare that I could purchase? Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.
  3. Anyone interested at $100 with free shipping to continental US?
  4. I have a EDM LCD FM transmitter with metal enclosure that has connections for an external PIRA MiniRDS Encoder. Unit works perfect and used it the last two Christmas seasons. i want to get the new one with built int RDS Encoder. Would like to get $125 but will entertain offers. Please send a PM and I will get back to you within a day or two. I can send other pictures as well.
  5. I stapled them to the inside eaves of the house. I hang white and blue icicle lights. This will be my third season using them. I live in Arizona so they have withstood the heat very well, but they are not exposed to the sun. Putting up the lights take slightly longer than using hooks or other methods, but taking them down is as simple as just pulling the lights off the strips from the ground. I get the kids to pick up the clips as they fall.
  6. I used these connectors with my CTB16PC kits. They worked very nice and no leaks. http://www.pacwireless.com/products/RJ45-ECS.shtml I purchased them from this place: http://www.wlanparts.com/product/RJ45-ECS/RJ45ECS_Ethernet_Connector_System_11.html Price is $5.99 1-9 pieces, $5.50 for 10+ and $4.90 for 20+.
  7. knute73, For Christmas 2006, I bought an entire D-Light setup with 4-5 ACx8s and 2 ACx16s. They were easy to build with good instructions, but I am an electrical engineer and have a background in PCB assembly as well as all the tools. I got all my lights and controllers connected and proceeded to test the system. This is where I had a lot of problems. The hardware utility would, what I felt was pretty much random, not detect controllers. I would detect what was on the network and get a list of some of the controllers. I would check again and I would have some new ones and also some of the p
  8. I have brand new LOR miniDirector with MP3 player that I will not be able to use in my display. From the manual: "The Light-O-Rama mDM-MP3 miniDirector with MP3 player is a compact, powerful show director designed to take the place of your PC. It directs a network of LOR controllers while simultaneously playing MP3 audio files. Three trigger inputs allow shows to be started by external events like switch closures or motion detectors." The box includes the miniDirector, 256MB SD Card, cable and instuction booklet. Normal price is $129.95. I bought it during the annual LOR sale for $99.95. I
  9. Guess that would sort of be important. See www.liteclipstrip.com. They were at PLUS2007. It isa 5' long plastic strip that is molded with a rib. The rib allows a clip to be attached. They have clips for wire, minis, C7 and C9. I bought the strips to use under the eaves of the house and for another project. I bought 500' and only used about 200' for the house and project. I was wrong on the price. I finally found my reciept.All~300 feet and clips for $100. Thanks, Rodger
  10. I have somewhere around 300 feet of Liteclip strip from Colonnade Lights left over. The strips are 5 feet long and are white. I will also throw in some of the 1/4" wire clips. At least 6-7 for each 5 foot strip. My preference is to sell it in one shot for $125. If there are no takers, then I would consider selling by the strip for $3.00 each. Both include the 1/4" wire clips. PM if interested.
  11. You are correct, they are the strawberry lights. I assumed they were C7s. I will try to dim/fade the lights this weekend when I return from a business trip and post the results.
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