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    Collector of all things old and unusual Christmas. Also musician singer/songwriter
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    Big outdoor blowmold Nativity. Mostly indoors now. House always ends up looking like an overstocked resale shop.

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  1. Awesome Doug! Yep, fun to collect. But gets out of hand really quick. : ) I have somewhere over 60 full size buildings. Then added 15 of the small ones I use as the residential area on the upper side of the hill to the collection. Paid a wapping .50 cents each for em. And as far as village people go I use every size I have. Everything from the really small under two inch to the four inch or better ones. Right next to each other. Need to look for more things to hide on the streets. Need a dinosaur our two. Maybe some other holiday stuff. Like Halloween and Easter to toss in the mix. People get
  2. 2016 village, or the monster that's eating my living room! 78 inches wide. 46 inches deep and 45 to the tallest platform. 52 buildings with 48 of them lit. The power to all the lights are controlled by two dimmer switches. Keeps all the buildings from glowing like toxic waist. I also hid four cows and one donkey within this display. First pic is the overall village. Second pic shows some of the details. I used evergreen garland behind each row of buildings. Quite a few of the trees are hand made. Looking at the bottom right you have one store bought bottle brush. The next three are hand
  3. As it stands now. Or until I add more things to it. : ) Can't seem to leave these things alone. It's not a tour, just one photo. With boxes. Still have a lot to set up inside and out.
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