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  1. tfischer wrote: This hobby is very fun. But it takes so much time and money, and there is so much physical effort involved! Ha! I don't know how you all manage to do it.
  2. I have a pending offer for all three. I'll update this thread if the situation changes.
  3. I have three LOR 1602W units for sale, used during the 2006 Christmas season. Label removed from the front to minimize theft interest. Some slight external scratches. That's 48 channels. Make offer. I could stretch to provide four of these (64 channels), but unless you need it, I'm hoping to hold one back in case I ever get the Christmas light bug again. PM here on the PlanetChristmas forum. If for some reason you can't: [email protected] Was successfully used in this display: http://www.buzzier.com
  4. John Tucker wrote: I'm wanting some idea of the appropriate options that people would usually expect or choose for themselves?
  5. What are the commonly accepted 'appropriate' time(s) to turn off the Christmas lights? New years day? Something like the saturday after 12 days past Christmas? What? I'm confused.
  6. jmccorm wrote: [duplicate topic, apologies]
  7. kb9nvh wrote: Why didn't I think to check before posting! Looks like you beat me to the punch!
  8. P3 International P4400 Kill A Watt http://www.supermediastore.com/kilwateldet1.html Add to cart for $23.99 Use coupon: silverbells Final Price: $23.99 - coupon = $18.99 Free Shipping Deal courtesy of slickdeals.net Get it while it lasts.
  9. I've got an extreme GFCI example. My display is 99.99% LED based, and the power used by 64 channels is so low, it is all fed through a SINGLE PLUG. Then I started running into GFCI problems. The thing, in my case, was that GFCI problems weren't a single channel making it go out. It was the combined leakage of a combination of the 64 channels together that would trip the GFCI. I found this out through a lot of experimentation, trying to isolate the fault. It just wasn't one circuit. In the end, I moved half the display to its own circuit. After that, neither side suffered a GFCI fault.
  10. I've been getting quite a number of people stopping by, but... Yay! I had my first vandal of the season! At 1:10am last night, from bed I heard a very loud shout of "Woooooo hooooooo!" along with a thud or two. I get up from bed and look out the window and see nothing. I go outside, see nothing. Nothing at all! And then... a set of tire tracks through the fescue grass, going from one side of the yard to the driveway. . I assumed it was a drunk coming home from the bar. But I am just a mile down the street for a high school so it could have been a teen. Actually, all things consid
  11. BetterDays wrote: FWIW, I was very discouraged by my display a few days ago. But I didn't have all the lights up. Things just seemed paleand simple.Once I had up all the lights I had planned,I really became excited about the way it would look. The horror, for me, was in realizing that things may not turn out to be as saturated and bright as in the LOR animation window. I ended up putting in a last minute order with Creative Displays (which they filled magnificently) so that I could double up on the red LEDs in the 16 mini trees. But I can understand and relate to the disappointment
  12. More Carson Williams stories HERE: http://tinyurl.com/yzlnnz
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