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  1. Hey, I know this topic is now a little "old" but in case you are still looking for ideas... I built 12 wooden frames to hold mini-lights around my windows, and I also wanted a easy, removable way to put them up. What I found was this plastic "s" type of hanger at Lowes that is one of those things meant to put on the top of a door and hang coats on the back side of the door. My windows have a little space between the window frame and the wall of my house (on the outside) where I can slip the "s" hook into, and then hang my window frame on the other side... I use two at the top and two at t
  2. Greg- We're in for a spot if you have the room... Jamie Loggins
  3. Joe- I used Lawn Lights for the first time last year (http://www.auburnlights.com). I actually used 8 sets of the long length, setting them up as 4 colors (2 each white, green, red, blue). That was A LOT of lawn lights! I used them amongst a sea of inflatables and wireframe deer and wood cutouts and they were animatedalong with the rest of my display. It did give my yard a very nice "finishing touch" I think. But, I will warn you... I too had MAJOR PROBLEMS with these lights. Only 2 of the 8 sets actually worked right out of the box while still on the spool. By the time I actually unrolled
  4. Chuck- Spread those cords out a little bit and you can leave that up for Halloween and it will just look like a bunch of spider webs... Seriously though, it looks like you've got garland wrapped around you PVC pipes... Do you think that really adds anything being that they are sitting in your gutters? I put garland around my driveway arches just to make them less of an eyesore during the day, but white pipe in white gutters might not really be all that bad, and it would save time wrap'n them poles... Jamie
  5. The Lowes in Auburn, Maine will not have any Christmas lights this year, so nobody bother going thereto look... just trust me!!! Just kidding of course... Our Lowes has the 2 rows all cleared out and ready to go. No stock up yet as of 2 days ago, but I bet they won't leave those shelves empty long! Walmart up here as a pretty big selection of Halloween Inflatables. I will admit, I was a little disappointed to see the inflatable hearse carriage there after purchasing one at PLUS last month... I thought it was going to be such an original item. Oh well...
  6. Chuck- I did something similar to this last year, except the lines ran vertically rather than horizontally... They were actually six pillars on the front of my house. The only difference is that the "poles" where much much thicker and that makes the effect look different. I do like the idea of running them horizontally across the house though...
  7. I know megatree's have be discussed plenty, and I have built several variations in that last few years. However, I finally found wind that I could not beat with non-permanent megatree designs, so this year I've decided to put in a permanent (metal) flagpole. It is going to be 30' with a 6 inch butte and a 0.188" wall thickness, rated to withstand winds up to 220mph. I have seen designs in which people have replaced the ball at the top of the flagpole with a piece to hold light strings (sort of like fingers) which is one way to keep the lights up. However, i've outfitted this pole with a "doubl
  8. I know it wasn't the main topic of this post, but a few others have commented about just putting your controller boxes out in your display, I have to agree, that is the way to go. Far easier to position a controller box in the middle of the action with 2 cords than have 16 cords running all over the place. Don't let making your own cat 5 cable be a deterent either. I hooked up 16 LOR boxes this year from a spool of cable I bought at Menards, and although I have never done it before, it was a breeze, and SOOOO much cheaper than buying each individual length (especially since some of my runs wer
  9. Boy, isn't it funny how so many of us that spend so much time doing something simply to contribute to everyone's enjoyment of the holidays end up in the same place. After all of OUR effort, including the building and on a few instances the RE-building (wind downed mega tree), here is the result of our efforts: http://www.sunjournal.com/story/189795-3/LewistonAuburn/Grinches_steal_Christmas_spirit_from_light_show/ What a shame...
  10. Well, just wanted to let everyone know that I got my tree lights back up... I ended up having to take half of the lights down, and for a short time there really thought all was lost, since it seemed to be such a big tangle of lights... I basically unzip-tied the lights from one side if the tree and carryed the entire mass around to the side they were still fixed to and one strand at a time pulled them out of the mass... Surprisingly, the strands actually came out very nicely, and what I thought was going to be an entire day (and therefore unachievable) project took about 20 minutes (it was abo
  11. Greetings all... As many of you, as it gets closer to Christmas it seems my time to scan through the chatroom postings grows shorter and shorter... However, I have read with horror some of the "wind damage" stories other members have shared, and unfortunately I now truely understand their pain! Yes, here we have it, another downed megatree! After having now personally experienced this true light enthusiast tragedy, I think we really need to form the "fallen megatree support group" to help each other through those dark days following such an event... The real tragedy, however, is that it cou
  12. I tried to put my address into their database, and I kept getting a message "address not found." Anyone else have that problem?
  13. Anybody have any recommendations for a simple sequencer that I could plug into a single LOR channel but then have the sequencer do a simple animation... I have to light a propeller for an airplane decoration I have, and I didn't want to have to use three separate computer controlled channels if there was a simple chasing sequence piece of hardware I could find and just turn that on and off with the computer. I was reading in the "School" boards about people making their own simple sequencers, but I don't think I have time to do that. Thanks! Jamie
  14. Thanks... That is what I thought (it wasn't really feasible). Basically I went back to the drawing board and re-engineered the frames so that I only use a single 100 bulb strand per window... It is a burden now but it will make things nice and uniform in the end... And besides, what is another day in the wood shop... Jamie
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