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  • My favorite Christmas story
    Growing up with family and every year going to town to see Christmas Lights. Seemed like every house in the community would be all lit up. Still enjoy it to this day and now we (me and Lisa) get to see the kids grow up and all the smiles from young and old alike sure makes it worth the time and effort.
  • Location
    McAlpin, Florida 32062
  • Biography
    Me and Lisa have been putting up lights for the 19 years we have been together. It's or Christmas gift to each other.
  • Interests
    Fishing, Gardening, cooking out on the grill and of course our Christmas light display. We think about what to add next year before we even take it down.
  • Occupation
    Inventory control and parts man for the logging industry
  • About my display
    We try to do old school (wooden displays). Been doing (or attempting to do) LOR for 5 or six years. House on Christmas Street looks like or house almost word for word. This year it will be on the money. I'm slow with the programing soft ware but I can figure it out. We also have blow ups, a candy cane lane that is lighted, a lot of animated and non animated wire frame displays.

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