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  1. That’s where I live. That whole area has changed and is continuing to change. Covid or not, the traffic is horrendous.
  2. Yes, your image came through. I was on an iPad and this web site does some funky things so could really see it very well. I really only got a good look at your image after I posted. Web site needs to be updated to work better with tablets/iPads. I''m on my computer now. Much easier. How are things in Lancaster? I'm in Northern California in the Oakland/San Francisco area. But right now I'm halfway around the world. Nice to see something from "home". Did you like any of my ideas? What system/software are you using? If you want something different I have the LOR sequen
  3. What do you mean what do you do? You immediately go to HomeDepot and buy more lights. If you are asking what should you do with the lights., since we don’t have a clue of what you have, here are some ideas, Shooting stars, leaping colored arches, snowmen having a snowball fight. Lighted animated figures. Strobe lights, Small trees running soured the yard. Walls of solid colors, such as all red, green, blue. Any of these ideas sound good? These are just the easy ones you could do in a week or two. I do have more, just ask.
  4. When you say lights. are they LED are incandescent? Are they mini or C7/C9? It's all comes down to the wire size, type of lights LED/incandescent and number of lights or the current. LEDs draw very little current. You could probably get away stringing 8 to 10 together with patch cords. Non-LED 3 or 4. It's easier and you have a lot more flexibility with patch cord method. With one long cord you have fixed the spacing making things harder to change. With the patch cord method you can make the cords to the length you need. Much more flexibility for when you change your mind an
  5. All of the mini lights are from China and if you don’t know the bulbs are installed by prisoners in exchange for food. But that’s another story. There are no standards or no quality control when it comes to mini-lights. When I buy minis I always by a string or two extra to have spare bulbs Fiinding the “right” replacement bulb is a matter of trial and error even if you have a name brand like GE. II gave up trying to find replament bulbs years ago as I was never succeful. Hate to not be more positive about this but we are living in a disposable world. These things are meent to be th
  6. It all depends but probably not much. Have a power meter and the difference between minis and LEDs is not much. Based on my experiments I have found the minis are really made for the 220v market but they put a 120v plus on them. Try runnng them at 220v and you willl see they are the “right” brightness. The super right minis are the correct voltage for 120v which is the reason they are “super bright”. The energy draw for the superbrigh and the regular minis would be exactly the same.
  7. Douggg


    Crummy computer programmers. Or poorly trained staff or probably a bit of both.
  8. Douggg


    Anyone tried Target?
  9. Douggg


    Noticed yesterday, Dec 24 several stores including the local Home Depot’s had already cleared out the Holiday items and replaced them with Valentines Day items.
  10. Douggg


    Sorry, don’t know. Highly doubt online stuff will drop much more. It’s the stuff in the store that’s taking up real estate that they want to get rid of quick. Highest discounts will be in the stores.
  11. Douggg


    Last year it was on the 23th or 24th. Late on the 23rd and on the 24th they began clearing the shelves and move in the Valentines Day stuff. The five HD stores by me didn't have anything left by the 27th. In years past it was after new years. My guess is HD is using Big Data to maximize profits and has come to the realization if Holiday stuff has not been sold by the 23rd there's no money to be made. You can also play lets make a deal with the store manager or price. I think after the 27th they toss what's left in the trash. HD Is all about maximizing profits.
  12. Douggg

    C7 Bulb Colors...

    I remember seeing those deep blue as a kid. They are C9s. Are you looking for C9s or C7s? All the blues I’ve seen for th past 20+ yers have all been the sky blue color. Look on eBay or Craig’s list for vintage Christmas lights or garage sales. I think the dark blue weren’t bright enough and were replaced by the sky blue because they were brighter. If you want something right away your best option will be LEDs.
  13. Can't you find the name of the company that made it and order one? There are bunch of online companies which offer 3D printing service or you could buy a 3D printer and print your own. Another suggestion would be to contact a local high school or community college to see if they have a tech program. If so, this would be a wonderful student project. If you want to know more about 3D printing take a look at the Radio Lab episode of the Taung Child. Radio Lab posted the file so anyone can print the 2 million year Taung Child skull. This skull is of huge importance as clearly shows
  14. Defiantly going to have to 3D print something like that. It's part of the blow mold, correct? Not something that's screwed on.
  15. Perfect excuse to buy an 3D printer. Isn't the ear part of the blow mold? You need to take a photo of the missing ear so we can see what you are talking about. Found one the ear and a bit more. https://www.etsy.com/listing/649875885/vintage-christmas-blow-mold-santas-best?gpla=1&gao=1&&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_christmas_Home_and_Living&utm_custom1=0e983f8f-3202-4e9b-a581-8f2a3226e146&utm_content=go_1097955555_54558577802_256645734144_pla-303628061699_c__649875885&gclid=CjwKCAjw
  16. Douggg


    Want something like this? https://www.amazon.com/Outdoor-Lighted-Christmas-Decoration-Sculpture/dp/B076X28BNK Or you might what to give this company a call. https://thechristmaslightemporium.com/collections/wireframes-displays-and-yard-art
  17. Curious.... Why are you using Allen Bradley and not something like a J-Works USB interface? Isn't the AB several thousand dollars? J-Works is far less costly (less than $100 and more like $50) for what you want to do.
  18. I know what you are asking. And have used video projectors for other shows but just don't think they belong in Christmas light shows. A video would take away from the magic of the lights and turn your show into a drive in movie. I would be curious to hear what others think.
  19. Sounds like you are ready for a Lights-o-Rama controller. Start with one of the 16 channel controllers. Go for the AC version if you will be using incandescent or LEDs or DC if you are going to be using LEDs
  20. Thanks. I'll take a look. I had always thought the appliance modules completely disconnected the hot and neutral.... Looks like I was wrong.
  21. t I've been using X-10s for almost 20 years. All of my appliance have relays which make a clunk when they are turned on or turned off. It's been my experience the light modules and power outlets are the only ones which are silent. Maybe the newer appliance modules are silent? Haven't purchased a new appliance module in over 10 years so I don't know.
  22. Should only need a snubber if the realy only switched the hot lead and not the neutral, SPST. I had always thought the relays were DPST and disconnected the hot and the neutral. Guess I need to break one open to see for myself.
  23. I've been using X-10 with LOR for years for sign lights and to turn my FM transmitter on and off. In the past I created LOR sequence files with one on event to turn on the X-10 controller. (I use appliance modules with relays to get full on or off.). Or one off event to turn off the X-10. I'm working on a post Christmas show and am finding if I create a new sequence with one on code the X-10 will cycle on, but unlike in the past where it would remain on it now cycles off as soon as the time interval for on event has passed. I ten tried another sequence and had 10 on events with no off
  24. I'm using appliance modules (the ones with relays) so I have full on and full off. First issue is a weird one. I plugged in a 110v LED rope and all of the LEDs were dimly lit. When powered on I heard the relay clunk and lights when to full brightness. When powered off I heard the relay clunk and the lights went to being dimly lit. I had always thought X-10 appliance relays were DPST relays which would make a full break to the hot and neutral leads. This behavior indicates to me the relay is SPST breaking only the hot lead and not the neutral. Comments...
  25. My guess is you aren't paying for the electricity to light the lights. Several weeks ago i made a post comparing the cost of incandescents and LEDs costing $9 more per sting. To my surprise if the lights are on for 30 days in December four hours a night in 3 years LEDs will have paid for themselves in energy savings in just three years. And that includes the $9 premium LEDs cost. Not factored in was breakage, inflation, interest or increases in the cost of energy. Of course as we build or mega-displays do we really care about the costs?
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