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  1. Oooh. Great work on these! A popular theme for sure.
  2. Did you find a pattern for these somewhere? Or were you able to sketch or trace these designs out on your own? They're all done so nicely!
  3. Car is packed up and ready for the swap meet!
  4. I'm a jack of all trades and master of some. Since I have too many irons in the fire, I am trying to whittle down my hobbies. My current home also doesn't allow for me to have a viewable display. Therefore, I am parting with my whole kit and kaboodle of holiday lighting, decor, and most importantly LIGHT-O-RAMA hardware and accessories. If you missed the LOR sale, now's your chance! I have 2 controllers, 3 easy light linkers, and a ramsey transmitter to name a few. Please visit my holiday website for pictures, pricing, and contact link. I have tried to be fair on my pricing without givin
  5. Trying to decide what all to bring for the "swap meet." Wondering if anyone's interested in a 12 ft artificial christmas tree prelit with 1800 clear lights. Asking $50 obo. Decorations not included. LOVE THIS TREE, but new home doesn't have ceiling height to accomodate.
  6. I used Winfield's WC5615 pattern that included the Santa, Sleigh, Reindeer AND Elves. I've only made the sleigh so far, but plan to add the elves as well. I was going to make the reindeer, but then found some wireframe ones shown in picture that I couldn't resist. I decided not to make the Santa because I already have a pair of Santa and Mrs. Claus cutouts that stand up against the house.
  7. I second that thought. I got to check these out in person at a mini-plus and was pretty impressed. RGB kits are still "an investment", but these would work just as well with LED strands stuffed in there.
  8. I was recently googling "christmas lights on houses" for some fresh ideas and found the following house, which has everything except christmas lights. I want to recreate it, but will want to add lighting. I'm putting this under plywood/coro, because I assume this is perhaps thin plywood or sheets of insulation that were painted brown to create the facade. Does anyone recognize this home? I already have the candy canes to line the pathway/driveway and prelit garland that I hang on them to create a border. It looks like they made "permanent snow". I'm guessing this might be spray can insul
  9. ...thinking about adding the Dexter theme song to my Halloween display!

  10. Do you have some close-up pictures of the individual pieces? I like the window display. I think I'm going to make holly leaves and red berries.
  11. I think it depends on how you're using it. For display pieces that will be lit by spot light, such as a nativity, then plywood hands down. I usually go that route. Coro is nice because it can be painted to look nice during the day but can also easily have mini-lights popped through it for a custom design, but may require structural support and may sway more in winds. I would only use styrofoam if weight is an issue, like having Santa by an upstairs window, but the piece needs to be able to rest flat against the house where it can be attached or Santa might end up doing cartwheels in the wi
  12. Another fantastic year! These are always so dangerous as I come home with so many new ideas and the information to put my plans into action. One of the simplest things I learned today was that I was way behind on my LOR upgrades. I was still running 2.1.6, so very excited about the Chase feature offered on the latest versions, which I've already upgraded to this evening.
  13. I accept the challenge if I can throw in a couple tips for Family Friendly Halloween displays as well.
  14. Just wanted to add a quick note for those in the Puget Sound area. Sunday, January 9th is the last day of the Puyallup Home & Garden Show at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. I was there today and found a Holiday Light Saver booth that will tempt many of us! If you're not able to get there, definately check out their website at http://holidaystoragesolutions.com
  15. MUST HAVE! Do you mind sharing what kind of paint you used on the coro? Where do you get your moving mechanisms? With a wide driveway, I'm trying to figure out how to "close the gap" in my show, so it's a smoother transition from where I have lights on both sides of the lawn. I thought about putting a coro wall on my garage doors that looks like a Santa's workshop. I could definately incorporate a couple moving arms to make it come to life!
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