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  1. well, thank you for the education...i appreciate it.
  2. Maybe my experience with arc fault breakers has clouded my opinion of newer things. I had a house that had arc faults for the bedrooms. one of them would constantly trip , the minute an iron was plugged in. You could hardly have 2 lights on in the room, with the iron plugged in. It became very annoying. maybe it was the breaker itself that was faulty, i dunno. Another room had one, and we had a treadmill plugged in there. You couldn't run the treadmill. because it would trip. They just seemed to detect the slightest increase in load and trip. What did we do before these things? You c
  3. I agree that new is not always better. So, they made them more sensitive, to the point of wanting to replace them...like you said, defeats the purpose.
  4. It did take a little time to do. I didn't do everyone of my connections though, as i wanted to see how it would work on a handful. I thought they would blow away, but none of them did. I've had bags that came off, even with a ziptie holding them on...prolly my fault for not doing it right. i'll prolly recycle the bottles, depending on how they look after the season, and use new ones next time. A friend of mine used no grease or tape at all, and never has issues. I have seemed to notice issues with some vampire plugs that are softer than others. the prongs seem to be prone to coming out,
  5. Here's my 2 cents, I used the stake idea from ScottRob, then i used an empty 16.9 oz water bottle. I cut the top and then some off the bottle, turned it upside down and over the connection/stake. its the same concept as the sandwich bag. I just used bottles, because i had them in ample supply. They've stayed on the connections/stakes through storms. We also had an issue with set of deer causing the breaker to trip. I also use bricks to elevate some connections and ziploc containers, the long rectangular ones, for bulkier connections. We've had a better year this year! Thanks to all fo
  6. Sorry for the delay in response. I appreciate the input from both of you. I actually used both methods, for some strange reason. In the areas where i used one long run of SPT-1 with in-lines, I hope to keep the items in the same place every year...we'll see how that goes. Funny how this makes me examine my cords and connection methods, as I'm always looking for ways to make things look better, more professionally done. Again, i appreciate everyone's input. Merry Christmas to all!!
  7. My neighborhood has a few people with stuff up already. My wife and started early, and had a lot of positive feedback from neighbors, so it's nice to see others getting their decorations and lights up. I'm sure some money involved would up the motiviation
  8. wow! that's a pretty intricate layout. I have nothing close to that. no blowmolds or LOR stuff, just glitter deer from Lowe's/HD/Sam's and a lot of lights. I'll see about posting a picture. i appreciate the input. I like to see what people do with cords and connections behind the scenes. I also suffer from some bad SPT plugs this year. The ones i got are not like the ones you have. I have some of those from a couple years ago; the hard plastic ones. This year i got some of the light green, softer plastic ones that don't see as sturdy and don't seem to make good contact at times.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I appreciate it! I like the grease and the stake idea. i have plenty of those laying around i could use. None of the connections in the pics have tape on them; you don't ever tape them?
  10. I have 5 timers w/multiple outlets i bought from Lowe's/HD that I use throughout my yard display. Each year, i suffer from CB pops. Last nite, we got heavy rain from TS Eta. and all my lights went off. It popped the GFCI outlet that everything is plugged into. I put ziploc bags over the timer/outlet stakes to keep water off them. I wrapped all the connectors with layers of electrical tape. I raised connections off the ground with bricks. I even put some of the connection blocks, where I have a 3-way plug, in a ziploc bowl with the lid on. It keeps those connections dry, so I know thos
  11. Well said Chuck! That's part of the reason my wife and I started in September this year. We started making window frames for lights, and checking out all the previous years decorations for functionality. We started putting lights on the house around the 1st of October and just got finished. Tonight, everything will be turned on for the first full night. We've had people go by the house and complement the decorations and say they can't wait to see it lit up. Some have said it inspired them to start early too. Some people have had rough time this year with the pandemic and such, so a litt
  12. We are actually doing more than ever! It's been a rough year for some, so we, well mostly my wife, decided we should start early. We bought more deer and gift boxes, so it'll be a nice display when done. People in the neighborhood ride by all the time to see if we have them on yet. Christmas lights make you feel like a kid again!
  13. Ours should be ready to light Sunday night.
  14. I found brown SPT-1 wire at my local hardware store for 18 cents a foot. Can't really beat that.
  15. Why is it now, some of those songs are in my head. I'm sitting here humming that Paul McCartney song to myself...
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