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  1. I cannot find who exactly it was was looking for a gemy controller but I found them at sears.com Link attached http://www.sears.com/shc/s/s_10153_12605_Outdoor+Living_Christmas_Outdoor+Decorations+%26+Figures?adCell=WF#viewItems=20&pageNum=7&sortOption=ORIGINAL_SORT_ORDER Hope this finds it's way to those who need it Darren
  2. Remeber the little hand held toys where you pushed the button with your thumb , which in turn drove a gear and made a small spinner turn? Once the spinner was going fast enough it would open up to reveal a little plastic figure inside, usually Santa Clause, Easter Bunny , Snoopy, etc... I want to order one for my daughter but have no idea what they are called? Any Ideas? Thanks
  3. depending on software and hardware requirments, you might just want to look in the newspaper or in the Trader newspaper, and hope you get lucky.
  4. Sorry for hijacking Tim's thread but to all who have emailed or PM'd me. I have not forgot you. Our Maint manager is looking through what we have for wire and I have called dibs on anything that will be thrown out. If anyone interested in getting wire cheap please leave me a list and I will try to start filling orders as they come in. I will be in Mexico for the next few weeks so I wanted everyone to know I have not forgotten you I am just not here. I will email you as I start getting wire in. Darren
  5. Tim let me see what I can find. They are closing the plant where i work and we have just miles of wire we are throwing out. #6 might be hard to come by but let me look. Do you know if you can use a smaller gage if it were direct burial cable? If so let me know what size. Most of our extrusion lines were ran with direct burial cable so there should be alot of it around. Most likely # 10 and #12 - 4 conductor. Will not be standard color though. I think is blue,black, orange,red. Not sure will check that too. Darren
  6. Wow Tim great video really helpful. I can see where some of my mistakes were this year. Now I know where to start next year. Really appreicate you taking the time to do that for us all. Darren
  7. This year was our first year taking up donations. We chose the Salvation Army angel Tree' It went pretty well all things considered. My wife and I are disappointed in our neighbors but hey anything is better than nothing right. Anyway we bought a rubbermaid deck box from Garden ridge. I think it was like 2 or 3 cu ft. For $20. I painted it red os it would look like a chimney. We just went out every night and got stuff out. The thing to remember is most places you collect for will distrubte the goods a week or 2 before Christmas. If you are like us most of your donations will not come until the week before Christmas so be sure they can store things for a year. It was nice to use the display to bring more good to the community. This will now always be a part of the display. Darren
  8. I use blue rope lite as a border then fill the bond with blue lights and a set of 400 white twinkle lights. This year I have also put 3 strobes in looks really good. I can send you a pic if you like. Darren
  9. Yesterday I recieved in the mail a new window light hanging kit. I do not have the name of it handy, but it just arrived asking me to try it out. Looks like it might be pretty cool I can post pics if anyone wants to see it, but basically it is a set of spring loaded plastic rails that mount in either side of the window, with equally spaced holes to hold the lights(included). Just curious if anyone esle got one and has anyone set it up. I am also a little curious as to how I got on the mailing list. Once I try it out I will let everyone know how it works. Darren
  10. [*]www.remington.com [*]www.smith-wesson.com [*]www.magnumresearch.com/Desert_Eagle.asp After you get your sensors here are some other useful links :devil:
  11. Both my 10' and my 23' trees are done with mini's. My 10' tree is 1601 lights and the 23' is 3001 counting the stars. I can send you pictures of any specifics if you need them just let me know. Darren
  12. If your answer is a sign in someone's yard let us know where, so we know our signs are working
  13. Sat. Night upon their arrival at our house our friends 5 year old daughter emerges from the car and says " Daddy this is crazy" One of my other friends grandsons turned to him in the car and said " Pop's How do they sleep with all those lights on?" Maybe the best one a neighbor daughters from a street over said" I look out my window every night before I go to sleep to get 1 more look at your house"
  14. I have also heard moth balls and/or cayane pepper will send them to search for carrots in the yard of another.
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