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    Decorating for the Holidays! I collect Animated Figures, Dept56, Radko, Inflatables, Hallmark/Carlton Ornaments, ETC...
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    Over 250 animated figures, some designed by myself, tons of lights and lots of stuff!

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  1. The 3 pieces with the count are hamberger I've seen them make them in their factory for a display we used to do in nj!
  2. Wow where did you find the Sesame Street guys? I used to work with a guy around here who had the same ones made by hamberger for his display!
  3. Those are amazing a store by us used to have them in their display when I was a kid! Where r u guys finding all this awesome stuff?!
  4. I love these rk pieces with the straw hair, I have about 11 now! I have an almost exact pair of these tree trimmers with normal doll heads/hair along with others, but I really like the vintage look of the straw hair! Always hunting for more!
  5. It's amazing how inexpensive they used to be! I remember them pulling that catalog out with the angels when I wanted my custom one made!
  6. Awesome where are you finding all these great pieces?
  7. Awesome! I've got some pics how do you post them?
  8. I loved going to visit their factory! It was amazing!
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