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  1. Thanks everyone for the help. Checked all the cords that I have made, it turns out that I have 26 cracked SPT2 plugs, and no cracks in the SPT1 plugs. I am going to say that I got a bad batch, and replace them. Thanks again.
  2. In case you are wondering - the plugs on my light poles all came from the same order, but I have other plugs on other things that have this problem and they came from another order and year. It has been suggested that it could how I put them together... sliding the top on sometimes requires some extra squeezing force to get the top on, but I don't beat on them or anything like that... so it could be a user error! How do you squeeze the top onto the plugs? The vendor is Action Lighting - I have emailed them looking for an answer.
  3. The male end of the light string is not polarized, just two prongs the same size, and it plugs in to the female SPT plug rather easily. The plug in the photo is on a light pole so it does not get stepped on. I live in a rather dry climate (las vegas) we don't get much snow (what is that any ways?!!), we do get some rain during the month of December but not much and it does not freeze, and it might get cold - in the 50's and 40's mostly (we think that is cold!) - and sometimes in the mid 30's, so its not the weather. It could be a bad batch from the manufacturer, but it seems that I am the onl
  4. here is a picture of a cracked plug, it is an SPT2 plug with SPT2 wire, it has one standard LED M5 light string plugged into it.
  5. No the plugs match the wire I am using, SPT1 Plug with SPT1 wire, etc. The cracks start at where you plug the male end of a light string. If I get a change I will take a picture tonight and post it.
  6. I several SPT female plugs (1's and 2's) that have cracks in them, some are a year old and some are 2 years old. They crack from the plug hole then up each side from that hole. I am just plugging in LED light strings, not forcing the male plugs, and they are standard male plug ends. It is so bad that I am almost having to replace 20 or more female plugs. Is anyone else having this problem? Craig
  7. Thanks for the reply. Do you have a video I could look at? How many strings did use on each channel? I like your method and will attempt to copy it! Craig
  8. I am looking for Chasing LED lights (blue in color) to put in my river bed to make it look like running water. I found a couple of places that have mini LED chasing light options and of course LED Rope light. Here are the links I found for LED mini lights: a controller to make standard LED light strings chase (connect 3 strings to this controller): http://www.christmasdepot.com/Christmas+Lights+Accessories/String+Light+Controllers/Chasing+LED+Christmas+Light+Controller+-+3+Sockets Commercial grade LED mini lights, the chasing controller is extra: http://www.environmentallights.com/LED
  9. All the controllers have been sold, and on their way to new homes. Craig
  10. As of today - 2/7 there are no controllers available, they have been sold or are in the process of being sold. Thanks everyone. Craig
  11. Mike, PM sent back - hopefully! Craig
  12. Selling 7 used LOR1602W ShowTime Controllers $200 per controller (firm price), price excludes shipping. Payment via PayPal only. Selling 7 used top of the line LOR ShowTime lighting controllers. Controller enclosed in a metal case, dual power cords, 16 channels, power switch, dual fuses. Controllers are used but are in like new condition. During the lighting season they are covered with sun resistant fabric, during the off season they are stored in their original shipping boxes in the garage. Used in the dry climate of Las Vegas. $200 per controller, buyer to pay all shipping charg
  13. Louie, what a great idea! thanks for sharing. Do you think you will get a water tight seal the adhesive caulk around the acrylic? It looks like the acrylic is cut to cover the entire front side, but what if you needed to take the board out for some reason, how would you do that without damaging the acrylic etc? Have you thought about a way to seal the acrylic but make it removable as well? What is the best tool to cut the acrylic? jigsaw, dremel tool, band saw or what? thanks again Craig
  14. Dave, I forgot to mention the LED MR16's give great color, however the red's are not as bright as the blue and green. So if you are going to use red plan on getting more of them than the other colors. My boxes have 4 bulbs of each color; red, blue and green; I use 3 boxes per section of my house except on the garage where I use only boxes. I have 4 sections that I wash with the MR16's. I use a LOR DC board to control them. You might want to get some samples and test to see how you like them before buying a whole bunch. Craig
  15. Dave, After having made fixtures for my MR16's (buying the MR16's, buying the sockets for them to plug into, soldering in the resistors, pvc couplings and plugs, plastic domes, and then making the boxes to mount it all) I found that Malibu lighting makes a fixture that the MR16 will plug into. At Home Depot the fixture costs about $15.00 each, a bit expensive but they are really good fixtures and they are complete fixtures all you need to add is a bulb and the wiring from light to light and to the controller (might still need to add the resistor for fading). I bought my MR16's from Wi
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