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  1. Hi bigstott, Wonderful! I assume you have the clear lights version, do you still have the metal stakes for all 3 trees? Thank you! -Roy
  2. Bump for early 2014! Still looking for some more... Thanks! -Roy
  3. Bump for late 2013. Still looking for these mini trees in clear or multi... Paying top dollar plus shipping. Thanks! -Roy
  4. Hi Torqumada, Let me know if you're willing to sell them... Thanks! -Roy
  5. Thanks Frank! I hope you still have these trees... just let me know. -Roy
  6. Bump for 2013. Still looking for more of these mini trees... clear or multi. Paying top dollar. Let me know! Thanks! -Roy
  7. Hi Frank, That's great! Where exactly is this sticker? On the tree or the box? I could not match this #, do you have any other identifiers? Clear lights? Thanks again! -Roy
  8. Bump... Paul, I did contact the manufacturer and they no longer make these... I'm hoping someone has some to sell. I still need at least 14 to 32 more! Thanks! -Roy
  9. Hello, Everyone! It's been awhile since I skipped 2010 due to a move. As with many of you, now it's crunch time for 2011. However, I need some help... I'd like to purchase the exact boxed Target trees (new or used) shown below. Has anyone seen these? If anyone can help find more or has some to sell, please let me know. I'd like to hear from you, and I'm willing to pay top dollar. Thanks! -Roy
  10. Thanks Everyone! Some great ideas I will incorporate into the new house. Looks like conduit basically everywhere is a favorite... Keep the ideas flowing! -Roy
  11. LOL Ed! Very true. Tim, I wonder what made you think of this lift idea :giggle: ? -Roy
  12. OMG!!! This is exactly what I need and I opted for the extra garage bay (just for Christmas stuff)! If I didn't just recently purchase a house, I would get this... Thanks Tim, I'll look into this later -Roy
  13. Hi, avman: The eve plug, extension cord idea is something to think about... Thanks, Roy
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