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  • My favorite Christmas story
    Back in the 70's I was infatuated with commercial pole mount decorations. There was one strip mall near me that always had a huge display of (and I had no idea who made them back then) of Crystal Valley decorations. One of the items they had was a 15' full round spiral Santa. One day they decided to get rid of it (they had it sitting outside in the alley for a while), so I ended up taking it home. I
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    Los Angeles CA
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    Emmy winning lighting designer for variety television shows. Huge fan or retro commercial Christmas decorations. I own several that I purchased from Crystal Valley Decorating Company including 3 spiral trees, 12' santa and a custom vintage pole mount snowman
  • Interests
    Christmas, Machining, Flight Simulation
  • Occupation
    Lighting Designer for Television
  • About my display
    We do a huge Halloween show so our display is not huge. We have several decorations from Crystal Valley Decorating Company in our yard

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