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  1. I think its great that this show is on. It gives us an outlet, to let people see what we do. I really like the different styles of displays. I really enjoyed the Plauche christmas display, the N.O.E.L sequence was wonderful. I am planning to add that song to my sequences next year. You can share it, if you'd like.
  2. Hi everyone.Im Shane from Lakeland. I will be attending, as well as my dad and possibly my brother in law. I will also be selling a LOR color ribbon, never used. Asking $150.00 . Looking forward to seeing everyone, and hoping to take the next step into the DMX world.
  3. Hi Michael, I met you at the mini last september, please put three of us down for the mini. Looking forward to seeing everyone and hoping to learning about DMX. Last year was wonderful, this year will be even better, since it want be 100 degrees outside.
  4. Okay, I may have my parents coming to the mini also. I am looking forward to it.
  5. You can count on me being there also, and maybe my wife also.
  6. Shane

    Need help

    Thanks, Iwill try it.
  7. Shane

    Need help

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have the ctb16pc with a mini director mp3 player,ordered downloads sequenses from wowlights and downloaded mp3's cant transfer to lor showtime software suite 1.6.9 to create show.
  8. Shane

    need help

    Thank you I will try that.
  9. Shane

    need help

    I am sorry, it is the CTB16PC Lightorama controller. Any help is appreciated, first time for me.Thanks!
  10. Shane

    need help

    I am using the CTB16BC controller with a mDM-MP3 mini director.
  11. Shane

    need help

    I downloaded the sequences from wowlights.com and when I click onto the icons - my computer doesn't have the program to open it. Does anyone know what program it opens into? Not sure how this works when I read some of the "asked questions" they talk about a cd which I didn't get. I was told to down load them from the site.
  12. hi, i am a newbie and i was reading your comments on the megatree. i was wondering where would i could buy one of daryl's trees?thanks,shane.
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