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    The time when I told my 5 year old son to make a list to tell Santa what he wanted & he replied: "You're Santa"
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    southeast Michigan
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    Just a person that likes Christmas year round. I keep an ornament on display & listen to Christmas music all year, which used to bug my daughter.
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    PLC's & Christmas
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    Industrial Controls Technician
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    Things I've done with old PLC's I scavenged and lots of light sets I've cut up.

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  1. aabeck

    Aabeck's album

    Candy Canes.MP4Stuff I've done with old PLC's and a lot of cut up Christmas lights.
  2. I had this converted to an AVI file & uploaded that to my album & it plays - check that video.
  3. Second update: I added 4 more modes to the shooting star sequence just before taking it down for the year, see the new video in my album.
  4. aabeck


    I came across another PLC identical to the one used for this wreath & decided to make another one - except I changed the new one to solid color sections instead of the multi-color sections of this one. Watch for the Wreath Ver 2.0 video when I finish it.
  5. The server still won't play this, although it plays all the other videos recorded on the same camera & in the same format OK. Here's the link to watch it on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbHibf2Tuig
  6. An update: the 6 wreaths & star across the top have been changed to 4 wreaths & 3 illuminated snowmen, and the timing of the modes has been altered to keep each mode running until it finishes & not flicker to the next mode immediately.
  7. See it on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jXTl6La9uw
  8. I got the all the PLC's I have free when I upgraded or stripped out control panels on machinery. The AdvancedHMI software is a free openGNU product and the only special item I purchased for that was a Windows 10 tablet. The only PLC things I have had to purchase was 6 DC output cards for my tree lights, an assortment of plugs & receptacles and a lot of wire. I also have the software & programming cables, and have 25 years experience programming PLC's.
  9. I don't know why this video won't show. It's recorded on the same camera & in the same format as my other video's that show OK. I've tried uploading it again & it still won't show. See it on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jXTl6La9uw
  10. Display of my LR window for Halloween. Runs on the same Allen Bradley SLC5/05 as my LR Christmas lights. The run from October 15th until the 31st. The upper strings that change color can have the timer changed by 2 PC's and a Windows 10 tablet running AdvancedHMI. The spider web has 2 spiders that don't show too well unless you get really close. I have a few timers sequenced to make the web flicker to look like what I think the bad electrical service in a haunted castle would do.

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  11. I don't know why this wont show - it's recorded on the same camera & in the same format as all my other videos that do play without issue.
  12. Set of lanterns originally from a Mr. Christmas set that I had wired together as a set as seen on my Bedroom Christmas Window video. I wired them into 7 individual circuits & changed the PLC output card to a TTL card. Each lantern now flickers individually and after a few seconds they turn off for a about half of a second in order. This is run on a SLC5/03 controlled by 2 PC's running AdvancedHMI through an Ethernet COM port. The card is powered by a 5 volt power supply with the voltage turned down to 3.7 volts (to be gentler on the 4 volt bulbs). The steady on time and the pulse time can

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  13. Christmas tree wired with 96 sections of lights cut into 12 volt sections. Originally designed for an outdoor flagpole tree of lights. Consists of 16 strings of 6 sections each, using 96 PLC outputs. For the effect of the lights the video was taken before any ornaments were placed on the tree. Each section is controlled by one of 6 - 16 output DC cards on a SLC 5/03 rack. Originally I had it powered by a 12 volt 3 amp power supply. but as I added more sections I found the supply got overloaded with only a quarter of the lights on, so I upgraded to a 30 amp, fan cooled power supply (with all li

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  14. aabeck


    Wreath I programmed using a Siemens S7-200. Cut a string of lights into 10 sections of 24 volts to run off the DC power supply & the PLC's DC outputs. The outputs are controlled by a counter that counts up to 87 based on a timer set at 0.42 second pulses.

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  15. 3 sets I have in my Living Room window for Christmas. Running on an A-B SLC5/05 with 2 racks, and controlled by 2 separate PC's and a Windows 10 tablet all running AdvancedHMI. The 7 element set across the top of the window is also activated for Halloween (with 7 cat lanterns) and Easter (7 Easter eggs). The display is programmed with separate start & stop times for November/January and for December. They are programmed to be on from November 22nd through January 3rd.

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