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    i just love christmas all the lights and the time with family
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    my display is smaller compared to everyone else im not computerized anymore and i have just over 100k lights

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  1. Hey guys been awhile since i been posting but im always around checking things out!! My question is do any of you guys suffer from seasonal depression? When i say this i guess im not talking the actual clinical depression but then again maybe Iam..heres my thing I hate hate dark and gloomy days Its honestly hard for me to even get out of bed.I live in chicago and seems that we have 8 months of not so nice days here..every single year january till about may im just in a funk, christmas ended, and not much to look forward to and were stuck in the house..come june im happy as can be because its s
  2. the weather here in chicago has been so mild we were able to start and finish our roof. this last weekend we are now working on window frames and hope to have it all done by this week when the weather is going to turn for the worse!
  3. do you think it is to early to put out my halloween display and light it up? im in Chicago and our weather is never perdictable its a nice day out today.
  4. a new garden ridge opened up in the chicago area..i have not seen them for the holidays yet do they have nice stuff? how are their lights?
  5. hi guys i been on PC for years now and havent posted as much due to work and life buttt...im here now and welcome to all the new members!! im live in LaGrange Il right outside chicago. cant wait for the 2011 season!!
  6. hey guys i would also be interested! im looking to repalce all my non LED for next year..
  7. today im starting my halloween lights and from here on out i slowly add in christmas stuff like the arches and things. The day after halloween i take all the halloween down and start all my christmas stuff. i like to start early as i can here in chicago because it gets so cold here and i just cant play in the cold like i used to lol..
  8. aww man i missed it this year!!! i didnt think it would be going up so early...aww merry christmas everyone ...
  9. so i now have the iphone and i love this phone!!! i searched christmas and i found some cool aps. i got a free countdown to christmas my kids love it..i then found christmas music app. i also have tunewiki which both are free and they got great christmas music streaming..i love big r radio xmas chanels..anyways just wanted to pass it along to any iphone users..
  10. Hi Laura, Sorry it has taken some time, but I do have video of my display. Just go to www.youtube.com and search for Kohnen Christmas. There are three videos out there. I was getting ready to update them because I changed somethings in the Sequences, but the major storms hit this weekend when I was out of town and my display was trashed.. :(

  11. im glad i did the card list all cards are stamped and sent off ty for hosting it again!!
  12. wow that looks great! i would love to get a huge inflateable like that!! im still trying to contain all my blow mold lol no room for inflateable now
  13. your snowlady looks great! i think it looks better in the blue then the orignial colors!
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