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    Enjoy decorating for Halloween and Christmas using the latest technologies.
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    Currently 96 channels of D-Light contollers with just over 12,000 lights using Aurora and broadcasting over a FM transmitter at 91.3FM
  1. I was contacted by Catrina Marsh who is a casting associate producer for ABC family for a new show called "Lights, Camera, Christmas!" They are looking for Families that go all out decorating there homes for Christmas. From what I gather after talking to here on the phone they are particularly looking for several families in a close area but even if you don't have any other homes in you area that go all out I would still contact her. If you are interested contact her this weekend either by phone or email as they want to nail down the finalist by next week. If they do select you for the next ph
  2. I hosted a mini last year and had about 6 people come, we all had a good time including burgers and dogs on the grill. Looking to host a second one most likely in May 2013 in Ferndale (SE Michigan area) either at my house (or local community center if there a large enough interest.
  3. Welcome to PC from a fellow Michigander, I live in metro Detroit area and have been doing an animated display since 2006 with the exception of 2010 which we took off for several reasons. Looking forward to a updated display in 2011 with a RGB mega tree and other improvements.
  4. Well a lot will depend on what type of controllers you use but if you are going to use D-Light or Light O Rama controls just stick with your copy of Aurora. I have it along with LOR v1.6, D-lights Spectrum software and now Light Show Pro. Any of the software programs have a bit of a learning curve but once you play with any of them for a little while you get the hang of what your doing. As you increase the size/complexity of your show you may find yourself changing programs in the future but if your just getting started keep it simple.
  5. My display will be dark this year too. My wife and I put up a big Halloween display every year plus the Christmas display we decided take a year off to regroup and hopefully if the economy picks up here in Michigan have a bigger better display in 2011
  6. Depending on where you live buried outlets can be a curse or blessing. In Michigan having buried outlets would be a curse as after a few years snow and water getting into the outlets would have your replacing them. I have seen some nice setups where there was outlets in flower beds and next to trees and shrubs that helped cut down on extension cord runs.
  7. Holiday Greetings to the rest of the Michiganders here! Jeff and Keri from Ferndale Michigan with my display A Hazelhurst Christmas. http://www.ahazelhurstchristmas.com Currently have 96 Channels of D-Light controllers with a little over 12,000 lights using Aurora and broadcasting with A FM transmitter at 91.3FM Our dispaly was featured on FOX2 News Detroit on November 18th as this year we are collecting can good for Gleaners Food bank. Besides my christmas light display I also do a large halloween display ( http://www.hazelhurstmanor.com ). With any luck maybe we can get enough of us toget
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