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  1. great job Big J, When you texted me my jaw hit the floor!!lol, Just a heads up to everybody in PC world, Daytona is a blowmold desert lol
  2. so when you gonna send me a pair to lil ol South Carolina? ps I just got the bugs worked out of my pc so I'm BACK!!
  3. Cool lesson Mel, thanks for all you do for the mold collecting world!!!
  4. I agree with the above post Mel, you should host a tour of some sorts, I would love to see a virtual tour and history lesson on each piece. However, in all my "few years on pc" I have often wondered about your avatar picture, Im sure its a mold of some sorts, ( he favors the elf in the pic) how about a little history lesson behind the really cool elf avatar.
  5. if I manage to go and take $1500 with me I'm sure I'll have plenty for you to paint
  6. I'm looking into going now, nothing confirmed. Depending on my vacation days, Uhaul rental, etc
  7. I got a message on Facebook today that GF is having one final...final...final sale this month I'm thinking the 29th but everybody should go to BMN and confirm...see ya there
  8. I followed the auction results on Facebook, and several of the groups on Facebook had auction results. I read about the online "mystery" guy, I wonder if it could have been Gemmy?
  9. Mel, from what I have read Cado did in fact get quite a few molds, an online bidder got quite a few, and sad to say a few scrappers got several. No telling what will be lost for ever.
  10. So very true, molds used for tires as opposed to propel based plastic products are totally different, but many same principals. Interesting that you posted and referenced bottle making procedures, I left Michelin making tires to go to work for a company that makes the propel based products to make Powerade, and Coca Cola bottles...my previous employment and mechanical background is why I was able to adjust to well to a totally different/kind of the same enviroment....small worl
  11. I think Richard is referring to a few Prototype blow molds that were found in the cleaning of the factory. I hope he has pics to post.
  12. Each mold has dozens of moving parts, each serving a different purpose, once they open inside the press they "flower" open and resemble a morning glory, or a tulip. Once disassembled the parts are cut up with a plasma arch and disposed of. Im gonna guess that the mold for the PEEPS were owned by Cadbury or one of their sister companies (the candy company) and once GF was not gonna produce them under the guidelines that the owning company set forth, they called for the mold to be destroyed. If not, and another company bought the mold, they would profit from the owning companies images or possi
  13. Donna I'm not sure if it's the same situation or not, but a few years ago I worked for Michelin tire, and they produced a tire for a customer and that tire was exclusive on their vehicle. We were not allowed to service the mold, or adjust it in any way. Once the prototype tires were made and the exclusive tire order was filled, they hired us to disassemble the molds and destroy it, every piece had to be recorded, cut in 4 pieces and bagged. Every pin, and nut and bolt had to be accounted for. PS it takes a 11,000 lb mold to make a tire, so the GF molds may get a little heavy, I wouldn't think
  14. Out of that purchase I got 20 bulbs, and a few random pieces. I hope to have someone go back for me soon, and take $500 and spend it all up there. If I manage to get a buyer to go for me , very little of it will go in my display, but I also maintain a few of my senior citizen neighbors displays and ill find a spot for it in one of their yards, and trade off the rest. I have a lady coming from Wisconsin with a set of Dickens type carolers one day this week. They will also be used in a neighbors yard. Yes I'm on BMN and really enjoy seeing the pics and hearing about the awesome yard sale f
  15. Mel I have been following the sales of remaining molds on social media, and even participated in a pretty big purchase. Example, last week I sent a buyer with cash to purchase 20 of the big bulbs for $2 each, a few days later they were .50 cent each. I have seen pics where during clean outs they have uncovered lost items like the halloween haunted house molds, etc (really cool to see, watching what lost treasures they find next is pretty cool too) You are 100% right about possibly never seeing certain molds in stores because once they are gone...they are gone. I have also watched ALOT of new
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