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  1. 2017 Blow Mold Gifts!!!

    Don't forget the Cocoa Puffs
  2. 2017 Blow Mold Gifts!!!

    I believe the beco ones also say "beco - #988", and the GF ones just say "#988". GF bought all the beco molds and it probably would have been easier to just keep all the cereal numbers.
  3. 2017 Blow Mold Gifts!!!

    The plastic seems much too thick to me to be MSL. MSL plastic I've seen is less glossy and far more brittle. That looks thin yet durable, and very glossy which is still common with general foam molds to this day. Those deer are probably General Foam, but it is very hard to tell for sure.
  4. Anyone Identify?

    That is a noma candle from the mid 50's.
  5. ALF? Unmarked Choir Children

    I know Silvestri made animations but do you know if they made any more molded figures?
  6. ALF? Unmarked Choir Children

    Thank you so much Mel! That one is there two just not pictured. I've been trying to identify them for years
  7. Securing molds in a better way

    For years I've utilised the hole in the base of the blow molds and stuck other a yard stake in the bottom (if big enough) or used a 1/2" diameter fiberglass stake for ones with smaller holes like early TPI or Empire molds. My problem is the place I went to get the fiberglass stake (that I use for 3/4 of my molds) no longer carries them and I can't find them anywhere. The molds also rock easily in the wind using this method but don't tip over, it's just nerve racking watching your precious blow molds rock in the wind - I know we all can relate. . I am looking for a better way to secure them that doesn't damage the blow mold. I have heard multiple people that screw plywood squares to the bottom. I have also heard of people who zip tie them to basic law stakes through the back light attachment, but with molds like polorons having the plate underneath, this doesn't work. Last year I experimented by putting a dry wall expansion anchor in the small hole in the bottom of my TPI Shepherd boy, and screwing that to a plywood square. This gave the same security minus drilling holes in the bottom of the mold. However, not all blowmolds have holes on the base small enough for this to work and it was extremely difficult to remove. Any better ideas?
  8. Where to buy basic controllers?

    Thanks so much for the help
  9. Where to buy basic controllers?

    Thank you very much that answers about all my questions! But I've seen some very advanced LOR shows that look like they require 7 or 8 16 channel LOR controllers. I've unfortunately just discovered the cheapest one I can find new is $300 dollars. Does this mean that for a heavily computerised show you're looking at a 2100 or 2400 dollar investment? If so is there somewhere to get them cheaper? If not is there a control by LOR or another brand that has 50+ channels on one controller that would be a better investment when it comes to value on the dollar? Thanks I'm sorry I'm so old school
  10. Where to buy basic controllers?

    Bit of an update. I was just on LOR's website and it was very helpful. Here is my basic understanding. You can select which lights on a strand light and program the individual strand to chase, etc. I also believe that you don't need extension cords as the LOR controllers act as them (eg three separate center controllers each running to 16 smaller 4-16 channel controllers. Can anyone answer questions from my above response or confirm these conclusions? Thanks in advance.
  11. Where to buy basic controllers?

    Thank you for the info. I have been doing blow molds for a long time but haven't animated the lights before. I have a few questions about the controllers you mentioned. If I plug a strand of lights into a controller, will I be able to make the individual strand of bulbs chase or will the program treat the entire strand as one item? And what's the situation with extension cords on controllers? First of all does that work at all? Second of all if so will I get to select a pattern for each individual outlet on the cord or will it treat all three outlets on the cord as one item? Also, do even the basic ones require a computer program? If so which one would be best? Sorry I'm old school my extent of knowledge is what blow molds look best with a certain wattage
  12. Where to buy basic controllers?

    I'm looking for somewhere that sells controllers with basic movements (chasing, blinking, etc.). I don't plan to do anything fancy, just use them on blow molds. I would prefer it to be somewhere I can buy them in store (Lowe's, home Depot, Walmart, etc.) so I don't have to buy it online and pay for shipping costs. Are these things available online only? I'm know more advanced controllers probably are, but these one action controllers seem like things that would be sold in stores. Any ideas? And how much is the basic cost?
  13. ALF? Unmarked Choir Children

    I have now identified a different set as the large ALF set so that rules out that possibility.
  14. ALF? Unmarked Choir Children

    Update. I still have no information on the carolers. However, I found a photo of Wally Bronner setting up a smaller set of carolers I've never see before in the showroom when they were new. It's dated 1956. The face sculpting and clothing is almost identical to the large ones above. I believe these may be part of the same series or at least the same make. Any info in either would still be appreciated.
  15. ALF? Unmarked Choir Children

    Anyone have a manufacturer on these? I know that Wiken made two sizes of caroler for mold craft, a small set on his own, and that mold craft had two more sizes after he left. I also know ALF made two caroler sizes large size and life size carolers. In the early 50's they had a set of short choir children. I know when a company produced one size at any time a second size usually accompanied it. The early ALF set has no "large size" accompaniment that I know of. Are these that "lost" set? These choir children are molded rubber and no illumimated at all. The choir boy has a 5' tall organ of the same material he sits at and the girl has a male counterpart almost identical except for the head. They look ALF but have no markings, and ALF, or any company at the time for that matter, usually marked their molds. Any ideas?