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  1. Anybody seen this before? It popped up on Ebay a few days ago. Mold Craft and Heller always stamped their stuff and Sculptoris stuff usually had Wiken's name on it somewhere. That leaves ALFCO and Silvestri (unless there's a sixth molded-rubber era company out there anybody has heard of) as potential manufacturers. ALFCO didn't stamp some of their later stuff like their sleigh team, and I've never seen a marked Silvestri piece. If I had to guess, I'd say the mismatched art style looks similar to what little Silvestri stuff I've seen. I also looked into the possibility it could be spliced
  2. Crazy how much the price has gone up for stuff like that in the middle ground of rarity. Poloron and Beco were always pricey, but things like that and the Santas Best Disney characters you could get for 30 or 40 bucks a while back.
  3. The buyer is gonna have a heart attack when this thing shows up in a shoebox
  4. Unfortunately, the piece on the bottom where the original stands connected is notoriously frail across all companies and designs. Rather than building a stand to connect there in some way, your best bet would be to somehow build a 2 in 1 stand/light fixture to go in the hole for the bulb, or do what I did which is tie heavy duty fabric red ribbon around each deer and screw the ribbon into a pole.
  5. Im curious where you got that door cover! I've been looking for one for years because of how many catalogs that one was in and didn't think there were any left around. How fragile is the plastic or vinyl it's made of?
  6. Im curious about the angel. Is it a tree topper or is it bigger?
  7. And Poloron, GV, GF, Holiday Innovations, and it seems each made at least 2 or 3 styles of it 😂
  8. I think they were just a distributor like Garrison Wagner. Everything in that photo is either Mold Craft, Sculptoris, GP or Noma.
  9. Woah, that thing sold for like a twentieth it's value!
  10. Thanks Mel, it looks like they made all 6 mold styles in either brown or white based on what Bill said when put together with the info you provided. I'd say we can put this deer mystery to rest!
  11. Thanks Mel. Is that the rudolph from one of the old Junior deer sets?
  12. Thats awesome Mel! Are the Junior deer you're referreing to as being for sale in either brown or white the ones from image 1 or the ones from image 2? They're different molds but both called "Junior" size. Thanks again Mel, this is great stuff!
  13. Wow Mel! That image is incredible! The smallest deer is the Rudolph in image 2, and the largest deer is a king size reindeer from image 7. That white Rudolph appears to be the Rudolph from image 3 painted white. Look at the legs and the face, it's definitely from the same mold. Do you know if they made just the Rudolph in white or if they made a white variation of that whole life-size set? That would bring the total number of sets from the Wiken era to 7! If they did, do you know if they made white versions of any of the other styles we know they made in brown?
  14. Thanks Mel, I wasn't sure exactly the year they moved to Port Washington. In front of Rudolph in image 7 it says "see three sizes of reindeer on back cover." Is it possible that they used the image with the 3 deer on both the cover of the pamphlet image 7 is from as well as the choir pamphlet? I believe I remember seeing an old ebay post or post here that said both the choir image and the image of the three deer were from the same brochure too. I find it interesting that Mold Craft produced three sizea of deer in a Bambi-esque style dotted with white spots like a real deer, and three size
  15. No problem for the words Mel. The cover of the pamphlet I am referring to is attached (sorry about the poor quality). I believe images 1, 3, and 7 in my original post to be from that pamphlet as they were all together in my files and each of these images shows one of the deer styles on the front. Image 7 even references the cover, so I know at least that one cake from that pamphlet. Unfortunately, it doesn't say if Mold Craft had moved to Port Washington yet. I know a date of their move from Milwaukee to Port Washington has been something you and many others (including myself) have been s
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