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  1. Booked and can't wait thanks Carrie.
  2. i also require a smoke stack if any one has a spare.
  3. Really considering taking BJ's to small claims court. What do you other members thnk? why bj's it's not there fault.gemmy is the one u should be annoyed at it's there faulty good's.
  4. we leave all our inflatables running 24/7 with no problems.some of them are 5 years old and still going strong.
  5. u can't buy them in regular stores.we had our shipped to a member of this forum and picked it up when we went to florida
  6. posting this from my nokia x6 with tapatalk works great thanks.
  7. Ronda

    3D Hoilday Specs

    hi linda if u dont get them we will pick u some up in november when we are in florida. we have snowmen/ santas /smilie faces. the kids love them.
  8. its not the end production has been moved to another brewery in north yorkshire about 100 miles from newcastle. it mite have to change it's name to brown ale (under eu rules if its not brewed in newcastle it cant be called newcastle). thanks for letting us know this worked out for u mark.
  9. haha no need to worry chuck yours is safe. you'l have it for christmas.
  10. happy 25th anniversary
  11. great display as wall ways mike. happy Easter
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