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  1. Thats alot to start off with in first year. But your count for lights for mini seems low. I don't know actually what type of mini tree's you will be doing, but I have 120- strings in mine between 3 color in 8 trees. I'm also your neighbor in Garfield Heights.
  2. Here is mine. Info on web page http://jgchristmashouse.weebly.com/
  3. Just got mine up Yeterday as well. I think the tree takes the longest to do.
  4. I like your idea. Your videos are great, good job. Also are the letters 3' tall thanks...Jared
  5. Made them 16 " . That left 7" on bottom , so if it snowed alot lights wouldn't be buried in snow. And thank you on my work.....Jared
  6. I'm using 4 poles 7 channels of each color red and green. Poles are 10' tall using 3" pvc. each section has one 100 mini light string. All poles are link togther so I'm using 14 channels to control all four. Check 2009 videos http://jgchristmashouse.weebly.com/index.html. Actually had a problem with one channel so look closing when poles go green only 6 channels are on...Jared
  7. Like to make a Merry Christmas sign for next year to put on roof with each letter on its own channel. I would like each letter to be a least 12" tall or bigger. Any ideas for this, was thinking wire frame but not for sure.
  8. so far no damage , but winds here are supposed to go into am hours. Not running show tonight due to fears of something going wrong, just not worth it in these winds with arches and mega tree. Tomorrow will go on (lets hope).
  9. on your webpage in second picture the tree in front in red is that one...Jared
  10. YouTube just took two more of my videos down. This is crap, the music to the video is harmless. Think I'm going to stick with vimeo....Jared
  11. anyone Use these artifical christmas trees
  12. Has Anyone use the indoor green tree for your outside display, If so did you add other colors to it and how do they look. Walmart here has a crap load, thinking of using these in dispaly next year.. Looking close at them they look just like the white outdoors one but they are green with branches on them...Jared
  13. I went to 24 hrs one at 6:00 am and found out they open at 7am, Tons of lights pick up 100 boxes of red and 50 boxes of red with white wire , and got 75 boxes of green. They still had more but funds got low. But does anyone know if they go to 75% off could you go back and get the difference.....Jared
  14. No problems fading Bought about 30 boxes last year work great. The only problems is whenone goes out havn't found a easy way to locate the burn out bulb.....Jared
  15. I have arch length at 23' to go across my driveway. Her One video so far done http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=F2dbIX5FzXw Got to retake video, shot it in widesreen ,but when I converted it my house got really narrow.
  16. Pretty cool http://www.marthastewart.com/portal/site/mslo/menuitem.3a0656639de62ad593598e10d373a0a0/?vgnextoid=9d36e6dd07436110VgnVCM1000003d370a0aRCRD&vgnextfmt=default&xsc=msn_fall
  17. thats for the reply will try some of them
  18. What music do you use for background music to do voiceovers. Can't seem to find right one
  19. I did notice this in some displays looks cool
  20. Wondering if alot of you use blowmolds in your display that is synchronize to music. If so do you have them on channels or just on....Jared
  21. this is in my area will check out.. Thank you
  22. Is this anyone house here at PlanetChristmas Looks like alot of lights to me...Jared
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