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    A wig out, and cursing of cheap ,over seas manufactured products
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    No. Illinois
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    No one is a stranger, never met one yet. Cant go anywhere ,without running into someone I know.
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    Home improvement, christmas lights, garage sales, and our new Daniff, Abby
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    Blue collar, chief bottle washer
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    Growing and always room for one last bulb. A mix of old Incans, LED, store bought and homemade, display items, blowmolds and 2 ,24ft mega trees,and over 100k in lights..

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  1. I would LOVE a one on one with Mel, on this sight...u are a true blowmold king Mel!!
  2. It's much more detailed, that's off to MEL!!!
  3. Those are cool! I wish I could get some:)
  4. Good lord ,that's crazy shipping!! Happy New Year !!
  5. Target had those I I beleive.. I seen those not that long ago
  6. You can wipe and wipe..it keeps giving lololYoull have the softest skin
  7. Good greif Donna!!! That's ALOT of snow!!! We havent got a flake yet!! Merry Christmas!!
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