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    A wig out, and cursing of cheap ,over seas manufactured products
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    No one is a stranger, never met one yet. Cant go anywhere ,without running into someone I know.
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    Growing and always room for one last bulb. A mix of old Incans, LED, store bought and homemade, display items, blowmolds and 2 ,24ft mega trees,and over 100k in lights..

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  1. We have had 2 of them in the past and the wind jostles the lights but NEVER had an issue. Make sure your guy wires snug.. not taught...u do want movement or the light strands WILL snap like shoe laces. Best of luck
  2. I used Black Magic tire shine..its a silicone base
  3. Hi all, not fully retired..yet lol.. healthy as can be. I will be a lurking on here from time to time lol. I always will stay in contact Thanks J
  4. Our display will me dark this year..sold most of the 200 molds off..dont have the storage, or the time anymore. That and the weather..
  5. Is the candle LED battary operated?
  6. Seen these at Menards....eeeekkkk..crappy color and expensive! IMHO
  7. I seen on Mercari..190 for 2 minions😳😳
  8. I see they carry the mices also. Did they have the Minions yet?
  9. Pics would help, I would pick up. That is a cool peice!!
  10. Rent the trencher!! Will look MUCH better!! $$ well spent!!
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