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  1. More additions tonight

    Are those a Blowmold? Or a Vacuum formed product
  2. Garage sale find

    Pretty cool
  3. 2017 Outdoor display filler

    We have LED floodlight (13) around the house and cut Ziploc,of all things. Use the lids off of the Dollar Store ones. Cut them into a circle and use a dot of silicone to hold them on. Works GREAT!!
  4. 2017 Blow Mold Gifts!!!

    Isn't that serial?
  5. Help with topper on mega tree from permanent flagpole

    That's fine and dandy, as long as the pulley will hold the weight of the lights strings...
  6. Blue Ghost - General Foam?

    Looks like a gumby color ...yuckk
  7. tip on how to repair

    Looks great:) we repainted 4 of ours so far
  8. Securing molds in a better way

    I am trying to devise a way to anchor 30 tin soldiers in my lawn. I would like to put 2 , side by side, any ideas?
  9. Whole display for sale

    Wish I was closer:)
  10. My yard's not big enough. Is your's?

    Hahahahahahaha....I have a grand prix if anyone would need that to haul any of this tree:)
  11. Securing molds in a better way

    I will use plexiglass.....screwed though the bottom ,into the bottom of the mold
  12. Bought These Today

    Those are way cool!! Where in gods green earth did you find those?
  13. Blow mold touch up

    Use Easy Off oven cleaner, works GREAT!! I have uses that and the results are amazing. Use a nylon bristle brush to brush it off, rinse with soap and water. This time of year IS the prI'm time to do it.
  14. Long Waited Addition

    Way cool!! Hey Al, how is this year's display coming along?