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  1. In the past 24 hours we have been contacted by some of the 2012 Academy attendees (from LSH and beyond) concerning an event of similar size has scheduled their bi-annual gathering on the same dates as the 2013 Academy. These people were confused, disappointed and, in some cases, angry. We wish this was not the case but this was not a decision on our part, as our event was open for registration on June 18th, two months ago. We could be angry about something like this but we at Lone Star Holidays want to accentuate the positive of our event and not focus on the negative of the scheduling situation: The 2012 Academy hosted 242 people from 24 states. That’s registered attendees, not walk ins, and we're confident that based on our registration numbers so far (nearing 100!) we will exceed that in 2013. There were over FIFTY unique class topics taught at the Academy in 2012. There is no other event that even comes close to the educational aspects of our event and we are extremely proud of that. The feedback on our education and quality of instructors over the past 5 years has been nothing short of extraordinary. We are, quite honestly, humbled by the support and kudos we receive on classes every year. The cost of the Academy has never exceeded $75 (and is at an Early Bird price of $60 right now). We believe that the cost to the attendees and our vendor partners should be reasonable and should go along with our guiding principles as a non-profit organization. Everyone, from the planners to the instructors to the attendees, pays their registration fee to attend. This is not a money-making venture for us and it never will be. The Academy happens every year and has never been cancelled or downgraded to a smaller event. We work within a well-planned out budget and consider the economic climate each and every year. We have made adjustments to our financial model over the past 5 years and will continue to do so. In short, what we say you'll receive is exactly that. We believe in underpromising and over delivering. We are of course disappointed that attendees and vendors are going to have to choose between 2 events in 2013. Because we opened registration on June 18th and have almost 100 already paid to attend we wouldn't feel right about making a change (not to mention that we have our facility contracted and paid for). All we can do is continue to bring you the most economical and comprehensive decorating event that we can, and we promise we’ll always do that. Regardless of geography or forum/group affiliation, everyone is welcome to join us at the 2013 Academy.
  2. I see a 20' mega tree on the roof
  3. 2 weeks till the Academy. Do not miss out on a great event
  4. I am with Fasteddy on this. The EDM is top quality. Throw the antennae in the air, higher and the output could be 1 mile
  5. Under no circumstance, would I consider attaching to the stucco. Never bore into the stucco. Once you do, it puts stress on this area and will eventually crack. Then you will have possible moisture penetration, then failure.
  6. Or put a couple signs that say, danger, high voltage. You would be amazed how a little sign helps. I used to have kids run into my yard, but with the signs now, the parents seem to have a better understanding on keeping the kids out. Dogs, no help there. Maybe one of those silent type fences, that puts out a tone that we cannot hear, but they do
  7. I think this is your question. You can not put the projector on a controller. The amps are to much. I had to turn mine on every night. If I am wrong, feel free to say so. And if you are asking how to use video, instead of putting a song in the sequence, under edit, media file, you find the video and add the video file
  8. Your firmware on the 2 thats not working correctly may need to be updated. Or verify that you have the setting right on the software
  9. You are so right. So right
  10. I would have to differ on that Don. LOL. I have put 20 in mine with no issues. If you look at the ones that you assemble, they are rated at 20 amps. And the ones that are put together say 15. But they are the same boards. As well I was told by a tech at Lor, that they are the same, and even though it says 15, it is a 20 ampper. Just my 2 cents I would have to look at the warranty. I have not seen it say it would void it. Confused
  11. If you look on the main page, they posted that most of the charactors wll be available towards Christmas time, 2011, at most retailers
  12. Some folks that I know use this site. http://c-leds.com/store/
  13. Its on the water. What happens if it goes down. Will that delay the delvery
  14. In reality Noah was closer to God, then say, all the other stuff on the market at Christmas time. Like disney, or Nascar.
  15. I include the donations at the start of my show, as well run adds in the local paper. Some newspaper will put a article in for free. Especially if it is for a local community cause
  16. I bought mne from Animated Lghting. I think their prces are good, and they come with a 3 year warrantee. I had 3 sets that had a couple bulbs burn out. Paul replaced
  17. Jmayes

    Ugly Weather!

    Sunny, and 78 in the Houston, Texas area. Great weather right now. It was in the 90's the 1st of last week
  18. In my home town. They installed the carnival styled tracks and bulbs. Ours are all in white. And the tracks can be screwed or siliconed down. Been there for quite a few years and still works well. Action Lighting sells these
  19. Maybe you could call the local cops in his town and tell them you need a check done on the address you have. Welfare type of check. See if they are still there. And filing a small claims case against them requires you traveling to their home town. Thats a pain. But, me. i would personnally make a trip and collect my stuff, or have a ball bat ready. Maybe you should tell us who it is so that we do not try to buy, what you have already bought. Thats one thing that chaps my butt, is a thief and a liar. Have you looked up his screen name lately. It should tell you when the last time was that he logged into the system. Maybe he wasn't, which means he is in the hospital or maybe the jail. You just never know Like, everyone else. I only pay by credit card. I have recourse then
  20. Jmayes

    Snow Already!!!

    Some of us paint it white, to make it look like snow. Amagine that
  21. I just checked out the site, and I see every kind of programming, but LOR. HUM, and bashing Phillip over a LOR sequence. Now, I am confused
  22. Its always good to have a good Ho down and a BBQ
  23. Dealhunter May I suggest that you call your local store and talk to the on duty Manager. Usually the guy working in the garden center has no clue
  24. It is a Brother In Law that works in the Distribution center
  25. My Walmart insider said midnight Sunday night, or Monday morn. 90% off all remaining 1-12-09 Jack
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