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    Hello! I am 31 and live in Orlando, FL. I have been decorating in some form or another since I was 5. My grandmothers both got me started on Christmas. One with lights and the other with molds. I have static only display and like it that way. I also do alot inside as well.
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    Christmas stuff
    Construction / Building / DIY
    Helping others
    Car audio install
    Theme parks
    Having fun and making people happy!
    Did I say Christmas????
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    Manufacturing. Lead assy-wire for a tropo scatter communications company REALLY HATE IT!!!!!!
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    Pictures say it better then I can. I have posted lots of pics on here. As I said b4 I am only static. I just think that with all of what I do it would not be as nice if it were going on and off all the time. I have a small yard now so I get to use my neighbors. Last year the other neighbor let me use theirs as well. I try to change things up as far as theme goes each year. I don't want to use the same molds. The trees and colors are always different but I try to be as unique as possible. I'm not one to boast about how many lights or molds I

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  1. The paint is nice but there are some issues. If you look at the snowmans glove its got a line in it that looks like its suppose to be an outline of his hand. Its not. Its extra paint build up. Also the angel is much like the drainage M&J, she looks like shes got measles. Maybe its just the ones I got. The store them in the back and brought them up to me. I had no choice in which ones I got. I paid about $120 for all 3. Oh and thx Tyler for adding the other pics. I deleted them off my phone.
  2. I guess my camera phone pictures did not turn out as well as I thought they would. They are very small molds so don't get too excited. They are about the size of the snoopy santa from a few years ago. I sent Tyler pics of them in the store next to other molds for comparison so maybe he will post those. I cant get to any of my molds rt now as my attic is packed so I just took the pics at the end of my bed with an 8oz glass coke bottle for comparison.
  3. I still have mine brand new in attic. I'm sure its still got its instructions wrapped around the brown bag with the stakes in it. Finding him/ getting to him is another story. I will see if I can get to him but its not gonna happen anytime soon. Still have 8 trees inside 30+ crates and lights on the roof and oak outside to get down. I'm slacking
  4. Just got the new 2013 GenFoam catalog today. 3 new items and lots of new color schemes. It gives hope to future seasons. I may do a group buy this year again. I will be looking for a few interested people looking to spend $500+ea on full cartons. I'm not interested in people that only want 1 or 2 items. Only full cases and big spenders. Its too complicated to get 800 ppl wanting 1 thing. My last group buy was with 4 other ppl and went off perfectly. More details to come, Ok on to the fun part.... The catalog:
  5. The guy that runs the site is nice. That article is from last year but he is updating it. I have to get new pictures taken so he can update my article.
  6. I have this one Santa left that's been collecting dust on my porch. He's 30" and is a blowmold but only the fiberoptics on him light up. Asking $50 for him Plus $15 shipping. Let me know if your interested. Hes brand new but about 8yrs old. I've never displayed him. Painted on front and back sides.
  7. Here are a few of the offerings from Garden Ridge in Orlando. The prices are $$$ but they do have a few different ones. Looks like plenty of space for more. I don't remember the prices for any accept the nutcrackers were $29.99ea
  8. Its actually an old 80's TPI mold. It's been discussed in here before.
  9. They probably are making the SB stuff still but are only going to sell to HD maybe. Guess we wont know until closer to the end of the year. Right now HD's website says "out of stock" under all the GF stuff.
  10. FYI, Garden Ridge is caring all the Easter molds rt now.
  11. Just received my 2012 catalog today. Only has two new Halloween additions. Here's the pics... Enjoy
  12. I just found this link to all the old wishbooks and jc penny as well as others catalogs. If you scroll thru you will find old blowmolds and old prices. Check it out im sure you will like. http://www.wishbookweb.com/
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