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  • My favorite Christmas story
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    Orlando, Florida, USA
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    Hello! I am 31 and live in Orlando, FL. I have been decorating in some form or another since I was 5. My grandmothers both got me started on Christmas. One with lights and the other with molds. I have static only display and like it that way. I also do alot inside as well.
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    Christmas stuff
    Construction / Building / DIY
    Helping others
    Car audio install
    Theme parks
    Having fun and making people happy!
    Did I say Christmas????
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    Manufacturing. Lead assy-wire for a tropo scatter communications company REALLY HATE IT!!!!!!
  • About my display
    Pictures say it better then I can. I have posted lots of pics on here. As I said b4 I am only static. I just think that with all of what I do it would not be as nice if it were going on and off all the time. I have a small yard now so I get to use my neighbors. Last year the other neighbor let me use theirs as well. I try to change things up as far as theme goes each year. I don't want to use the same molds. The trees and colors are always different but I try to be as unique as possible. I'm not one to boast about how many lights or molds I

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