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    My son woke up and saw the presents for the first time and said I BELEIVE!!!!
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    Sussex NJ
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    Christmas fanatic
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    Blow molds
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    I started last year with 30 blow mold I am up to about 70 now - this year will be great! Adding music too!

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  1. There is none of this by me in New Jersey I’m jealous!!!!
  2. Im happy with the way they look and the quality. I’m not happy with the switch on them it’s covered with a rubber cover to turn on off etc. so that’s a bit weird. And battery compartment has 4 little screws to take out when you need to install batteries so that may be an issue especially in the cold lol. I may switch them over to electrical. I’m doubting 3 d batteries will last long.
  3. Keep checking back online - my mom was able to order one on Tuesday. Someone must have cancelled their order.
  4. I got the red and white. I will post as soon as I receive.
  5. Hi, Here are my two I used this year. I got from Etsy. Not sure if same person you got yours from. Needs better lighting but everyone loved them!’nn
  6. Omg that is absolutely horrible!!!
  7. Last year my husband got me two cameras for the front yard so we could watch and record in case something happened. There’s another person in town who has a big display and he got some lollipops stolen and the police didn’t do much. Thankfully I only had some mittens stolen on my snowman but was able to get them back from a little girl that took them thanks to the cameras. No blowmolds were taken
  8. I wish I could!! I started painting unpainted last year after reading how to strip one on this site and love doing it now.
  9. Yes thank you!!! Let’s hope more get saved then scrapped!
  10. I agree! Nice to see it survived!
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