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  1. Thanks for your experience and I love the idea of using a rope that gets anchered down with a bungee (I experienced anchor failure this season with high winds not using a bungee). I also really like the "cut at the end of the season for easy take down" idea. Do you think that throwing the weighted string is hit or miss when attempting to hit a specific branch? Also, depending on how many interfering branches I can see getting a "clean hang" to be a problem (but that is also a problem the way I did it with a hook formed on the branch end of the string). Thanks again for your ideas and exp
  2. Telescopic pole would be great..I tried using conduit, (two linked together) at 20ft and it was too long to deal with moving from the ground flat to the tree. I did one year using my LOR and did about 5 tree's in three different colors each. Ran all the power cords from the LOR to the trees all over the yard. Too much work and too many long extension cords...wow. Some of these displays I see would take half the summer to get ready for and storing the cords and all that and buying all that is crazy. Let alone dealing with burned out bulbs after a few years. I'm thinking projectors and
  3. Does any one have any recommendations on hanging lights like this. I did this last year and I made hooks out of hangers. Due to my limited reach I doubled up the 20ft strings to make them 10 ft or so. I didn't have a quick picture of mine so this is someone else who did this (guess I cant give myself credit for this brilliant Idea..haha). Anyway, I need better ideas for using a long pole to hang the strings, Methods of making the hook to easily go on and off and also stay put on the limb (and also accomodate different sized limbs, Best way to power each string, Best way to get them down a
  4. So, the problem was "just" the antenna hook up/Antenna? I just started reading this thread today and have had some experience with FM transmitters. Was gonna spew out some suggestions but if its working. :-) So, is anyone having any trouble with stereo on these? I know that when transmitting stereo the mixer can't have any content above 15khz or the channels don't separate correctly. I run a PCI max and have some trouble with stereo mode and just wondering how your new transmitters do with stereo separation vs mono??
  5. Yep, I'm with the other electrical guys here and think that the killowatt isn't a good tool to use to find power/current when "chopping' the waveform for dimming purposes. Probably the best answer would be to ask the LOR folks what their timings are for a 50% light output. I know this is not linear and if you knew what percentage of the waveform is presented to the bulbs I think it would be a start. I dont belivee this to be a trivial calculation (meaning someone who remembers calculus is needed).
  6. Jeremy Lawton wrote: I just tried that.....lets see, each light is 4 inches apart and once you try to line up you extra strings they are like an inch apart. Now, if your strings aren't exactly evenly spaced then some of your strings will Grow on you and you lights will no longer line up easily. I scrapped the idea and just ordered a set of 150 chaser's from www.christmasdepot.com They were the only ones who had a resonable price for simple "chaseing only" with a dial to change the speed. I wanted the adjustable speed and didn't want any extra cool programs....just the chase please!
  7. I built mine from white vinyl guttering and hot glues mini whites inside the gutter. Its only viewable from the front but its very impressive and bright. The cross was backed with 2X4's to make it sturdy.
  8. I encourage everyone who can to post photos of this snow event from thier personal perspective. :-)
  9. Very exciting. thanks or the shots. We are only getting rain here in Indiana. I always love a big snow that shuts life down for a day or two. School is closed the kids are home, wife making hot chocolate while dad (me) clears the driveway and readies the four wheeler for sled pulling action. Next thing your helping the little ones build a snowman. Man those are the great days!!!
  10. Yep, I found this out also... I needed a string of "racing" style (one function only with the dial that increases/decreases speed) but all thestores were out excpet walmart and they only had the 16 function lights (which wont work for me). In fact, I dont remember seeing any of these simple "racing" style strings this year? Anyone else see them?
  11. http://forums.slickdeals.net/showthread.php?p=4977477#post4977477 P3 International P4400 Kill A Watt http://www.supermediastore.com/kilwateldet1.html Add to cart for $23.99 Use coupon: silverbells Final Price: $23.99 - coupon = $18.99 Free Shipping
  12. maxout wrote: Interested in your results from this as is seems allowing an exit for any water is just good practice. I know that my plugs laying out in the yard are usually OK during a rain so it seems that not letting water build up is good practice.
  13. traviskleckner wrote: Your correct however, you would be surprised at how fast the power adds up. If you cut out 10 bulbs that were droping 24V 4watts the resistor will have to do the same...4 watts on a resistor gets hot and a 4 watt resistor isn't cheap. You can gang a bunch of 1/4 watters together to get the needed rating....Too much trouble... Just black out the lights you dont want to use...those blacked out bulbs are cheaper than 0.4W resistors.
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