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  1. hearnschristmas www.hearnschristmas.com 52195 Maurice Macomb MI, 48042 This is my 4th LOR year. 40-50k lights 80% LED this year. 130+ channels Running Dec 1st 2009 - Jan 3rd 2010 4:45pm -Midnight Looking forward to help fill up the map. Chris Hearns
  2. I have my Ramsey FM100B and the parts needed to upgrade it to 1watt. I lost my link to the PDF that tells how to upgrade it. Does anyone have the PDF or the link? Thanks. OK, I found the instructions, but I am having another problem. I solder in the parts and transmitter will not come on. I de-solder everything and it starts working again. I tried once again and re-soldered the pieces and again it doesn't come on. Any ideas?
  3. Just for the fun of it, how much of each type of lights did all PC members buy total, and what was the total cost from PC Just wondering.
  4. looks like the orders are still flooding in, maybe you should extend the deadline, otherwise I think there is going to be a group buy 4 later this year, LOL
  5. I got 18 last year in GBII, want to add just a few more. 3 red 3 green 3 blue Thanks, let me know if you need a PM.
  6. I too am going to be adding as many houses in my neighborhood as I can get, and to save money I think I will be buying a cat 5 spool, but at least I know for what I can't the wireless will work.
  7. In my neighborhood people throw out wireframes all the time. I have so many!
  8. Last year I missed out on the savings of the group buy. Can someone send me an email directly when the group buy thread starts for led mini lights. I know that the order is placed early in the year, but since that is my off season, I try to relax, thus I visit PC less, so I don't want to accidentally miss it. If you guys can keep me in mind. [email protected] Thanks.
  9. For who ever answers the question above. What would happen if someone plugged an MR-16 into an AC outlet, just wondering becuase I put plug ends on them, to connect them to extension cords and the DC controller, but what if someone plugged it directly into an AC outlet, what would happen? Anyone know?
  10. I am selling my FM25B. I have been meaning too put it on ebay because I am upgrading to a different one, but I just haven't gotten around to it. I bought it last year fully assembled, so it has only been used a month. Private message me if you are still interested.
  11. Quick question: I don't want to have to go on top of the garage and seach for my c9s. What type of wire do c9's typicaly have, 16 or 18 guage + do they normally have spt1 or spt2 insulation? As, I said typically.
  12. Are there plugs made for 16 guage wire? I think the ones sold on those sites arefor 18 guage. Thanks.
  13. Just bought 6 myself. Highly recommend them.
  14. For sure I am doing my 18 led spotlights just like that. Simple, cheap and a great design. What does everyone think about doing the same for strobes, "darryl's" Would it be good to completely enclose the strobes in a plastic ball?
  15. 6 red, 6 green, 6 blue for me, should I private message you? If so what info do you need. Thanks
  16. If I was to purchase 18 M16 and the DC controller board, what type of power supply will be sufficent. Not sure how much power is needed for the board to distribute to the M16s.
  17. CMB-16D Deluxe DC Card Let me just make sure. This card plugs into my normal AC plugs just like my other LOR controllers, but they distribute DC instead, which is needed for the floods? Is there a way to use AC circuits on my normal LOR controllers to power the floods?
  18. Got my lights today. Thanks so much, only opened one box so far, but they looked great. Enjoy your more energy efficent LEDs.
  19. Name: Christopher Hearns Email: [email protected] My display is in Macomb MI North of Detroit Address: 52195 maurice, Macomb MI 48042 website: www.hearnschristmas.com Upgrading from 32 channels to 80 channels this year Upgrading from 24,000 liights to about 35,000 lights Hopeful upgrade: depending on money: Snow Machine from [email protected] You should make a map with all of our displays.
  20. Great. I own six flags stock, maybe the lights will help move the stock back up.
  21. Well since I missed the first order I would order these if given the chance. Sadly, I think I have to wait until next year. 24 M6-50L Red $4.24 24 M6-50L Blue $5.42 24 M6-50L Lime Green$5.79
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