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  1. So how long did it take you to make all of those guys? I can't imagine the work involved. -Richard
  2. Wow! I am always so impressed with what people do every year. Great job. I wish I could see some of these awesome displays in person but you also did a great job with the video.
  3. Son of a *****! It sucks that rabbits do this kind of stuff. Kill them all!
  4. I used all x10 stuff. Wireless x10 Motion Detecors where picked up by the x10 receiver. I then bought an x10 relay module that was hooked up to one of the 6 triggers on the mp3 director where it it was programmed to play a "show" when it was triggered. The wireless sensor http://www.smarthome.com/4087/EagleEye-Wireless-Motion-Sensor-Black-MS14A/p.aspx The receiver http://www.smarthome.com/4002/X10-Plug-in-RF-Base-TM751/p.aspx The relay device http://www.thex10shop.com/product/0/product_713326.html You can find all these on ebay for cheap. -Richard
  5. I switched over to a mp3 director in 2008. Mainly because the location did not really have a place for a laptop. I like how you can program multiple cards and just pop them in. Also you don't have to take down your show while you tweak something. You just program another card and when you have it that way you want, load it on the card and swap it with the one already in the mp3 director. Another big plus to the mp3 director is you can have triggers that will play certain shows. For example I made a "Security Sequence" that just turns on all the whites in the entire display when the show is
  6. Son of a *****! It sucks that people do this kind of stuff.
  7. Running Late. I was hope to be set up in the next 2 days but we get hit with a ton of snow. A little Video I made
  8. Wow! What an Awesome looking tree and I can't believe the work that must have gone into making that. The tree itself is a masterpiece. What a great project to be involved with. I would love to give a shot at programing a song on it. What are you using to control it?
  9. When I hear mega tree I think of any size tree that uses a pole in the middle and light strands come down vertically. Also I imagine "spinning a tree" when I hear Mega Tree. I love the term "Mini Mega Tree" though. I designed a display at a Garden store this season and we have 1 Mega Tree that is 20' high and 2 "Mini mega" trees that are 15' high. I think people use the term "Mini Mega Tree" when they have mega trees of different sizes in their display.
  10. I did keep track of what it cost me my first year back in 2006 I am guessing around 10k right now. It would be a lot more if I did not buy lights 75% after Christmas. Electrical bill was only about $120 more than normal. It is kind of funny all the comments you get from people that don't do these displays that make comments like "I would hate to see their electrical bill" when in reality the electricity is nothing compared to the cost of the rest of the display.
  11. You can buy 10' sections of "garden fence" at lowes. They come painted white and I bought some black, gray, and dark brown paint and sprayed them really fast randomly on the fence. It turned out really nice. I then use stakes and zip tie the fence to the stakes. Looks great.
  12. Its that time of year again so thought I would bump this thread.
  13. I said it at the beginning of this thread and I will say it again. I thought it was great!
  14. I posted these last year and had a few interested people but nothing panned out. I am not quite ready to make the jump to LEDs since I want all my white to match including my C9s and Snow Flake Rope Lights. I am selling around 220 50ct GE Soft White Leds for $6 each. I prefer to sell the whole lot to one person but if there is not any interest within in the next few days, I will start breaking it up. e-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested. This is the price I paid for them. They were Normally $12 each but I bought them for 50% off after Christmas. At first they were
  15. I will have to ask her but I think it was for copper content. She has turned in old wiring there before I guess.
  16. Same old songs use to be new at one time. Back when I started I wanted to do some original songs that have not been done yet so I poured over a ton of music and the result was Music Box Dancer which is not even a Christmas Song and Amazing Grace Techno which can sort of be a Christmas Song but when you hear it you don't think Christmas like you would with something like Jingle Bells. My YouTube account got wiped out because of a copyright issue with a certain song and I had to re-upload all my videos so now they show a newer date so it looks my videos are "newer" and because of this I wi
  17. Hello Everybody. This last week I started to take down the lights from our 150,000 light display. Weather has been crazy here in Utah. It actually snowed a good inch this morning. We left our lights up from the 2008 display so we could use them again in 2009. This saved us about 100 man hours or more since we did not have to take them down and put them back up. Some of them faded a little bit but after 2010 most of them were faded more than I would like so I planned on throwing them all away. The last few days I have been taking them down with a pair of tin snips which is much faster.
  18. Yeah I recorded it on my DVR. It was a really small clip but I think I will put it up on YouTube for fun. -Richard
  19. Old people dancing and having their pants fall to the ground never gets old.
  20. Yeah they contacted me about 2 months ago and asked if they could use a clip of my show for a promo they were doing. I also got a check for $100! I wonder if I can still enter the contest since they used my clip?
  21. Computer -> USB Cable -> LOR USB-RS485 Adapter -> LOR Controller The USB cable is just a standard USB cable.
  22. I don't care if you only have a single strand of c9s that are half burnt out, spent 200+ hours on your own display, or hire a company to do everything for you. Any Christmas Lights is a thumbs up!
  23. RichardH

    lowes return

    Yeah they do limits so people don't abuse the situation. I have a brother-in-law that did so many returns even with a receipt that they told him he is limited to 3 returns a year now. He would always be buying stuff, use it for something, and then return it. I find it unethical doing that kind of stuff. I had a friend once that bought a scanner so he could scan a bunch of stuff in and then returned it when he was done with his project. I admit that I did do one thing thing at wal-mart that was kind of in a gray area. I bought about 200 boxes of white that were on sale after Christmas
  24. That is great! Every now and then somebody drops a note in the charity box or sends us a Christmas Card talking about the display. This year a stranger from another state sent us a Christmas Card with a Check for the Make-A-Wish foundation saying how much they enjoyed the videos on the site. Guess they looked up my Address. -Richard
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