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  1. Looks great! That is a lot of arches and it looks cool when they all go.
  2. I got after christmas lights from 2 different walmarts. I bought about 75 boxes from one walmart that had $1.84 on the shelf and after I bought them all I noticed my receipt said "Was 1.84, you paid 1.19 and saved 0.66" I took the receipt to returns and asked them about it. They said I should receive the 50% off the 1.84 price since that is what they were selling them at before it went to 50% off. I bought 375 boxes at another walmart (actually my mother-in-law did) and the shelf had the $2.38 price on it so I bought all those ones at $1.19 each. So in both cases it was fair. I rec
  3. RichardH

    lowes return

    So it sounds like you did a "favor" for them. I think people here on PC got a little confused including myself because by using the word "gift" it gave the impression that you bought it and gave it to them as a kind of present which sounded a little strange that they wanted you to take it back. I agree with Tim on others on this thread that it is unethical to try and get discounts on stuff you have already purchased because the season is over. I understand getting a refund on something you just bought and then it went "on sale" a few days latter but I am surprised by the some of the stor
  4. I would be nice if there was a "Make Kick Butt Sequence" button but in reality programming is an art and there are so many ways to interpret a song and how different elements are set up in the display that it takes some serious thought. Also the more channels the longer it takes. I am sure I could bang out a 16 channel sequence pretty fast but when you start having 200+ channels it consumes a lot of time. I can only handle sitting down for 4 hours or so at time programming so it is something you have to spread out and the earlier you start, the more sane it will be. I usually spend 6-
  5. I bought 75 boxes from walmart and after I bought them I noticed that they rang up also at 1.19 a box but the price on the shelf said something like $1.84 a box and a sign that said 50% off. Took the receipt to the return desk and they credited me back $25.
  6. Everybody seemed cleaned out this year. I hit several walmarts and was able to get 75 boxes of clears at one. The rest had none or just a few multi colored mini lights. I hit Hobby Lobby because last year this is were I cleaned house. They had walls of lights from the floor to the ceiling. C9s, Minis, you name it. Filled up the entire truck with lights. This year I could not even find the lights! I finally found them and it was half an aisle only on one side mixed it with some other stuff and they were only 30%. Left with nothing from Hobby Lobby. I pretty much gave up for the day
  7. I thought it was pretty good! I like how they had the large SNOW and then went to SNOOOOOOOOW
  8. Wow! That looks great. How is he slowing cascading his icicle lights like that? I love the music he used also. The whole thing is mesmerizing.
  9. Nice improvement on my design. I had a guy thank me off ebay because he had a lot of these and he started selling them like crazy to Christmas people like ourselves. I have the same camera as you and your video looks pretty sharp. What video editing software do you use and what format to you output to upload to Vimeo. -Richard
  10. I am having to cut it down to 2 songs now. Traffic is starting to back up and we have a lot of snow and the snow plow does not like to clear the entire road so it gets stacked up on the sides and the road is starting to get narrow. One neighbor about a block away called the police and said it took him 20 minutes to get home and they came out and we talked to them. The police were really nice and saying how wonderful it was. They are going and get a plow out here to widen the road.
  11. Last week before Christmas and things are picking up. Right now I am running 3 songs. The whole thing runs about 6 minutes before it loops. I made the mistake of removing Amazing Grace and I heard about it from a few people! LOL Even running only 3 songs I had one guy say he waited 45 minutes to see the lights. I thought about maybe even dropping it down to 2 songs if things get more busy. Anybody else drop songs when you get more traffic? It does seem to move them along faster.
  12. You can't have someone's car towed when it's parked legally on a public street. Oh but it would be so fun to see the outcome since it is not my display. :giggle:
  13. Ditto (Seems to be the popular thing to say this year.) I have a few also but things are not going to be finalized before the end of January. Wish the deadline was more like March or April.
  14. Ditto It seems a lot more people this year have put up lights. Then again I wonder if it is a case of "I have it too syndrome" The more you get involved with something, the more you noticed that other people have the same thing. I bought a Mazda Miata several years ago because I really like it and didn't recall seeing that many on the streets. It seem that right after I bought it, I started noticing them all around me. Even the same year and color! Once you get obsessed with something, you notice it all around you.
  15. I don't know if I would say that. I am sure they were selling them pretty much at cost anyway and they were loosing money when selling them at deep discounts after christmas just to get rid of them. Who knows if they are trying to push everybody to LEDs or if they will have a lot more incandescents next year. I have to admit though, all the stores seemed to stock very low on incandescents this year. Its a conspiracy!
  16. Ditto When Wal-Mart put out their lights, there were very few. Over a week ago the only thing they had as far as incandescents go was about 10 boxes of blue on green wire.
  17. I use to listen to Dr. Demento all the time when I was a young teenager and I use to look forward to all the Christmas songs they would play. One that I always remember and has a catchy tune is I Found The Brains Of Santa Claus You can listen to a sample of it here http://www.themadmusicarchive.com/song_details.aspx?SongID=342 I am sure it would not go over very well is the display though.
  18. This should not really hurt your feelings. Some people don't want to roll down their windows for various reasons. They may be an anti-santa fundamentalist Christian or have some other reason. Maybe it just makes them nervous talking to a stranger. If they don't want to talk to you, fine, just move on to somebody else who does.
  19. I know what you mean. I did some programming for a customer and his whites behaved different than the red. For some reasons when you had a lot (guessing 15 to 20 strands) of the white LEDs on one channel, it would have a problem with the fade off and would blink off and on when it was fading down. LEDs have different fade curves and they fade different from each other depending on manufacture, color, even the batch date. When programming I have a few incans set up on a controller so I will know exactly how they will fade.
  20. I am nervous about switching over to LED also because of the large cost and the quality issues. It would cost $20,000 to replace all my minis with LEDs and with all the after Christmas Sales I can replace all the minis with new ones for about $1,200 and $3,000 if I purchase them at full price. It is cheaper to just buy new lights every 3-4 years. we spent about $1800 last year to do a power upgrade because it was still cheaper than buying all LED lights. If i knew I was getting rock solid LED strings, I may be more willing to jump on the bandwagon but my fear is spending a ton of cash
  21. Wow! That was awesome to watch. BTW the audio cuts out on the youtube clip at 2:13 and picks back up at 3:30 and then cuts out again later on.
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