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  1. Looks Good! How about Yellow Snow Cones? :santasmileyitty:
  2. I like to move it move it!
  3. Hello Everybody. Almost 3 years ago I joined Planet Christmas and made my Bethlehem Star using Plywood and posted a How To on my web site which you can find at http://www.holdman.com/christmas/star/ Since then I have been happy to see many people have found the information useful and have created their own stars based on the same techniques I used. It has been a lot of fun to see the variations and modifications people have used. Many people have improved on the design and the stability of the star. I would like to create a sub page on my project page that shows the stars people ha
  4. Yeah it is always fun to hear/read comments from those that don't know the owner is listening/reading. I just read a comment on YouTube about my display which somebody wrote "This is absolutely jaw-dropping. Still, Jesus would turn over in his grave if he saw it. Wasting huge sums of money and effort just to make a show is equal to denying money and effort for the needy." I find the comment actually pretty funny about Jesus turning over in his grave since a lot of people believe he is risen. So here I am the bad guy withholding money from the needy. Of course most people don't think li
  5. I wish we could just switch places for a week! I have not been to Florida in over 20 years. Utah has a lot of cool places but if you come you have to check out southern utah. Some really unique scenery that is breathtaking. Here is a small river that we ran on kayaks for 7 days
  6. That is Mt. Timpanogos and I have lived at the base of it all my life. Here is a shot of it my brother took. Growing up I lived pretty much in the middle of that photo at the base. Right now I live about 5 miles north just barely outside of that photo on the left.
  7. BTW Some funny ladder falls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZhMfzc9RbU Ok a little PSA Ladders can be very dangerous and please everybody be safe out there. In the 2007 season I was up on my 16' orchard ladder when it started tilting and falling (my fault for putting a small piece of wood under one leg to balance it when it slipped). I jumped from the ladder and tried to do a control fall and roll from 12' in the air. I really hurt my ankle and was sore for several weeks. After that little incident, I am always very careful now and a little more spooked out when on top of
  8. Hey Joseph. The guy is me. Nothing was scaled and no green carpet involved. All the ratios are correct. I took two photos and merged them together in photoshop.
  9. I get e-mailed many times on my site when people come across that photo asking if it real.
  10. A good way to find upbeat style dance/techno music is to go to iTunes and search for popular Christmas songs and then sort it by Genre. You will find all kinds of stuff under genres like Electrical/Dance/etc. -Richard
  11. That is the one I was talking about! Lots of good stuff and I found some really creepy organ music that I used for Halloween on there. Bookmarked! -Richard
  12. It is driving me nuts but I came across a huge open source sound library can can not find it now. Here are some others though. http://soundtransit.nl/search/sounds.php?page=1 http://www.soundjay.com/ -Richard
  13. Why do you have a sticker on it that says Fra-Gi-Le? Is that French or something?
  14. I think you are right that adding noise or other things will not work. The technology is really incredible though. I use a program on my iphone called shazam where you can just hold up the phone to any speaker playing music and it will recognize the song and display it for you. I have used it many times in the car while I am driving and it works really well and it only takes a few seconds for it to listen to recognize it.
  15. Hope your account does not end up like mine and they end up suspending it and everything is then gone. I am guessing they have a 3 strikes and your out policy because after they pulled the 3rd one, they suspended my account. The 3 they pulled where all the same song (for the different years I did the display) so not sure if they only suspend your account if you violate the copyright on the exact same song or just any 3. Has anybody else had their entire account suspended besides me?
  16. I have loved every single bit of PC over the years and I have loved the little moments of drama that have gone on. PC will always be a home for me. Warts and All! I would love to see a Religion and Politics section of the message board but I doubt it will ever happen. I think Chuck Hutchings could be the moderator! My only complaint is that I can not edit a post that is more than a few hours old. Everything else I Love!
  17. I went to one sign shop last year and they wanted $55 for a single 4'x8' sheet.
  18. They took down my entire account which caused every single video I ever uploaded to be deleted from youtube including the ones of my kids! I have now created 3 different youtube accounts and keeping all the Christmas Stuff under one account so if they do it again, it will not affect my other stuff. -Richard
  19. Well I just bought a Canon HF100 and I am pretty impressed with it. Thanks for the info.
  20. I shot that with a cheap Nikon Coolpix $200 camera. I now have a Nikon D60.
  21. 7 strings of each color to make a total of 1000 White, 700 Red, 700 Green for each tree.
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