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    The year my dad got me the Santa and Sleigh blowmold for Christmas. It was the one I wanted for years.
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    Collecting Blowmolds since I was 16.
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    Collecting Blowmolds and Boating
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    My display is slowly growing since I started working full time. I hunt for the older Blowmolds, and I fix them up as needed. I'm limited on how many Blowmolds I have because I still live at home. My dad doesn't mind them because it makes outside decorating easier on him.

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  1. There are two available for pick up at my local store. Maybe select stores are carrying them?
  2. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Holiday-Time-Blowmold-Cmas-Tree-C9bulb/932318429 Search using “Holiday Time Blowmold” some of them come up
  3. From what I've seen, some of the sellers on eBay have lowered the price of the item but increased the price of shipping. Seems like the shipping prices have become unreasonable, like the seller is trying to make money on shipping.
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