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  1. This year I doubled my facebook page likes and my traffic has been steady since. Here is how I did it. 1. Make a good video of your display. Make sure the audio and video quality are top notch. 2. Post the video on your facebook page asking your fans to share it. 3. Promote the post on facebook, this will almost guarantee that all of your Facebook fans will see the post in their feed. I chose to promote to fans only because friends of fans seem to get me a lot of junk likes. 4. Make sure you have a commercial in between your songs that says something like "Thanks for stopping by, please f
  2. He is absolutely correct about the 15 foot rule. The rule states that if you use the wrong size wire you should stand back 15 feet and watch the fire!
  3. Not sure if anyone said this already but I would be sure you have a ground on both poles.
  4. Sunday - Thursday I run until 9:30. Friday and Saturday I run till 10:30. On Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve I run till midnight.
  5. I think everyone is missing the most important fact about having a lift to install xmas lights. It is so much fun!
  6. It looks like one of the three wires goes directly to the first bulb that you are holding. That is positive. Trace the other two and see where they go. If one leads to the end of the string then that is a neutral.
  7. I have a plastic Moravian Star, I want to replace the single incadescent bulb and with 12 Red, 12 Green and 12 Blue LEDs. I want to be able to control each color with a channel of my LOR board. I plan on using either T1 or T1-3/4 LEDs. Purchasing a LOR DC board is out of the question becuase I am already over budget. Does anyone have a schematic that I can use to accomplish this???
  8. Search ebay for Bussman Power Modules On ebay there are two 60 amp models priced at $1750 but I found a like new, 100amp model last year on ebay for $40 + $50 shipping. Basically what it is is a large disconnect switch that can be thrown manually or you can wire a fire alarm into it and when the fire alarm goes off it will automatically disconnet the power. I think it could be easily adapted for your use. http://www.bussmann.com/library/bifs/1145.pdf
  9. This is a portable power distro. http://new.timmacrina.com/photos/2007/09/12/Christmas_controller_construction_9-12-07/
  10. Try plugging the set of lights in for a while so the bulbs warm up. Then try pulling them off.
  11. I am using socapax and some made by amp/tyco. Here are some pictures, http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/forum82/14510.html
  12. I feel for you, I've learned to keep my xmas light addiction in the closet so to not annoy my wife too much. Don't get me wrong, she loves the lights but she cant take more than a 2 or 3 hour a day conversation. Good luck and just remember that your addiction will not get better EVER!!!!!
  13. Russ wrote: I am taking donations for a charity for the first time this year also. If you don't mind, please share your ideas on the collection box.
  14. gsxr7500 wrote: I remembering hearing about this last year with all the Katrina donations that were taking place. I remember hearing that some companies were taking cuts thatwere sometimes more than half.
  15. Anybody use their display to collect for a charity? My wife and I are thinking about collecting canned goods for a food bank. Any suggestions, concerns, tips, etc???
  16. I think it might be a good idea to keep track of who has lightsdiscounted at certain rates andwhen the discount increases. That way next year we all can look back and try to gauge when we should buy. Has anyone done this yet?
  17. Here is what I am currently using. http://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=MM%2DE%2D20&cat=114 One can hold a full gallon of paint. I tested9 and they held me and I weigh 250lbs.
  18. jeff wrote: A GFCI works by monitoring the current flow from the hot to neutral. If there is an imbalance (ie a short somewhere) then the GFCI trips. A safety ground is not needed for it to function properly. You can actually use GFCI's to protect an outlet where there is no ground available, like in an old house.
  19. fairylights836 wrote: Inflatables vary depending on Size. I've seen some go into the hundreds but they are huge!
  20. Normally we can get 100 bulbs for $1 - $3. Last year I bought 100 bulb sets the day after Christmas and I paid $0.18
  21. What size electrical service do you have? 60 amp, 100 amp or 200 amp. What type of electrical devices do you have? Hot water heater, Electric clothes dryer, electric stove, electric heat and etc? What I am trying to do is first figure how much juice you have towork withand then maybe we can turn off one of the above devices when you are running your show to free up some power. Once the show is done you can turn the devices back on.
  22. matt tyndall wrote: Thanks for the info. I wish I could wait till next friday.
  23. I'm working on putting up my lights and I realized that I am short by about 30 sets. Oops!Who has the best prices? Here are the stores around me. Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Target, Kmart
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