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Did you know?
  • The original Rudolph did not have a red nose. In that day and age, red noses were seen as an indicator of chronic alcoholism and Montgomery Ward didn’t want him to look like a drunkard. To complete the original picture, he was almost named Reginald or Rollo.
  • The Christmas wreath was originally hung as a symbol of Jesus. The holly represents his crown of thorns and the red berries the blood he shed.
  • The three traditional colors of most Christmas decorations are red, green and gold. Red symbolizes the blood of Christ, green symbolized life and rebirth, and gold represents light, royalty and wealth.
  • Tinsel was invented in 1610 in Germany and was once made of real silver.
  • The oldest artificial Christmas trees date back to the late 1800s and were made of green raffia (think grass hula skirts) or dyed goose feathers. Next the Addis Brush Company used their machinery that wove toilet brushes to create pine-like branches for artificial Christmas trees that were less flammable and could hold heavier decorations.
  • ‘Jingle Bells’ – the popular Christmas song was composed by James Pierpont in Massachusetts, America. It was, however, written for thanksgiving and not Christmas.
  • Coca-Cola was the first company that used Santa Claus during the winter season for promotion.
  • Hallmark introduced their first Christmas cards in 1915.
  • The first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated on December 25th was in 336, during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine. A few years later, Pope Julius I officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on that day.
  • Santa Claus's sleigh is led by eight reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dunder (variously spelled Donder and Donner), and Blixem (variously spelled Blixen and Blitzen), with Rudolph being a 20th-century inclusion.
  • Outdoor Christmas lights on homes evolved from decorating the traditional Christmas tree and house with candles during the Christmas season. Lighting the tree with small candles dates back to the 17th century and originated in Germany before spreading to Eastern Europe.
  • That big, jolly man in the red suit with a white beard didn’t always look that way. Prior to 1931, Santa was depicted as everything from a tall gaunt man to a spooky-looking elf. He has donned a bishop's robe and a Norse huntsman's animal skin. When Civil War cartoonist Thomas Nast drew Santa Claus for Harper's Weekly in 1862, Santa was a small elflike figure who supported the Union. Nast continued to draw Santa for 30 years, changing the color of his coat from tan to the red he’s known for today.
  • Christmas 2018 countdown has already begun. Will you be ready??? Why do we love Christmas? It's all about the traditions. In this chaotic world we can miss the "good old days." Christmas reminds us of that time.


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    1. VonnerNIX wrote:

      I think I have narrowed this problem down to when I try to remote desktop into the show PC (which is a laptop in the garage). I do this to check on a few things here and there. Well it seems that when I do this, it puts everything out of sync. I have to go out to the garage and reset the show.

      Does anyone else have this issue? Or ever tried to Remote Desktop into the show PC? It's kind of frusterating, as I do most of my work on this PC and then RD in and copy the files over the network. However it is causing issues....

      Suggestions? Comments?

      I believe what is happening is that the remote machines audio is being redirected to your client machine. What I think you need to do is disable remote desktop from bringing the remote hosts audio to your pc. If you dont you will probably havetiming delays because the audio is streamed over your network. There should be an option to disable it. Mine looks like this.


    2. tomko wrote:

      So if I am just running Musical sequences from my computer, all I need is the standard, correct?

      I personally like the deluxe models because they have the unit id switches on them. It's worth the extra $10 to me.

    3. I would talk to Dan at LOR. I think its strange that the GFI trips after 20 seconds. In my experience they trip as soon as you plug something into them that is bad. It seems that maybe something is heating up and then causes the trip????

    4. abigroot wrote:

      No-no-no. What I am getting at when I said I swapped cords is this:

      Box 0-1 has two cords going to two seperate outlets on two seperate circuits we will call them the "red" and "blue" circuits. the left side of box 0-1 is plugged into the "red" circuit and the right side of box 0-1 is plugged into the "blue" circuit. I was tripping the "red" circuit when the left side of box 0-1 is plugged into the "red" circuit and when I swap the "red" and "blue" plugs (or the right and left sides of box 0-1 if you will) then when the left side of box 0-1 is plugged into the "blue" circuit, the "blue circuit trips the GFI. I double checked all of my connections going into the boards and everything seems fine there. If I have a short somewhere on the board, why did it take a couple of weeks for it to appear? I will have to e-mail Dan and get this straightened out then.

      Could you try plugging both red and blue into the same GFI and see if it trips then?

    5. Santas Helper wrote:

      CUTTHEMUSIC wrote:

      You say channel data. Is that the blocks highlighted and such in the sequence? If so, just highlight the whole channel data for that sequenceand copy it to your new sequence.

      If your talking channel info as in Controller, unit and such, then export the channel config and import to the new sequence then copy the channel data to the new sequence.


      yea, the fade ups, downs ons and offs. for some reason I cant copy and paste from one sequence to another

    6. Is it me or does it seem that it is not possible to copy the sequence data from a channel in one sequence to a channel in a different sequence. I highlight the channel that I want to copy and then copy it. then I minimize that sequence and open another sequence and try to paste it in that one but nothing happens.Anyone know what I am doing wrong???


    7. jeff wrote:

      How does a christmas light strand (being a two conductor device) trip a gfi. What is physically going on inside the gfi to make this happen. I thougt the device being protected would also need to be a 3 wire device -third wire being the ground of coarse.

      So if a string of Christmas lightsis plugged into a gfi receplacle and its raining outside most likely the gfi will trip. why?

      A GFCI works by monitoring the current flow from the hot to neutral. If there is an imbalance (ie a short somewhere) then the GFCI trips. A safety ground is not needed for it to function properly. You can actually use GFCI's to protect an outlet where there is no ground available, like in an old house.

    8. EAB wrote:

      One more thing to add too... Figured this out today...

      If you have a Belkin Tunecast II and you're leaving it plugged into your audio source, it will shut off automatically when it doesn't detect music. Even when you have ithooked up with a transformer.

      What I found that's kinda handy is to create (using Audacity) a three second sine .wav file that will activate the transmitter just before the first sequence. If not, your first audio sequence will start and the Belkin will take it's time turning on, causing you to miss the first five or so seconds of the audio... Just FYI...

      *edit* spelling

      Would you mind posting the wav file? Or emailing it to timmacrina at hotmail dot com

    9. What size wire should I use on my deluxe board? I think I remember reading that the terminals can hold a 16 gauge wire but if I ran the board at 15 amps each side I need 14 gauge on each side? I guess its even worse if I run 20 amps per side and have to run 12??? What are you guys doing?

    10. fairylights836 wrote:

      unbelieveable i'm shocked you ppl got it so cheap if they were that price over here i would clear out every store i could find, how much are the inflatables over there? i paid £50 (about $100) for an 8 foot snowman last year

      Inflatables vary depending on Size. I've seen some go into the hundreds but they are huge!

    11. I haven't done it yet because this is my first year also but I plan on using a fm walkman like you said. I would do a test run first to make sure you have the volume on the walkman set properly so that you do not have distortion from having the volume to high or not being able to hear it because you have it set too low.

    12. What size electrical service do you have? 60 amp, 100 amp or 200 amp.

      What type of electrical devices do you have? Hot water heater, Electric clothes dryer, electric stove, electric heat and etc? What I am trying to do is first figure how much juice you have towork withand then maybe we can turn off one of the above devices when you are running your show to free up some power. Once the show is done you can turn the devices back on.

    13. matt tyndall wrote:

      Around me, Lowe's has the cheapest prices. I think 1.95 and Walmart and then Target, 1.98 and 1.99.

      I know that Lowe's will have their 100ct sets for .99 on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

      Theres you my 2 cents. Good luck!

      Thanks for the info. I wish I could wait till next friday.

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