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  1. Those look pretty good, any idea on who the manufacturer is? Or item #?
  2. Man this sucks, haven’t been on here in a while but to see that a scrapper bought a bunch of the molds and that we are down to one company is terrible. I remember when I started lurking on this site and collecting fifteen years ago we had TPI, Union, and GF in full swing ?.
  3. Sad to see but unfortunately not all that surprising. Just not enough popularity anymore, I must admit that my ~100 or so molds do take up a lot of my basement which a lot of people just won't dedicate to Christmas decorations , nonetheless I always bought 3-5 new molds a year to try keep GF going. A lot of mold collectors doomed GF with reluctance to accept the paint/quality which IMO was still more than acceptable but obviously not Empire level and refused to buy GF products. Would be nice to still have them around rather than nothing. RIP GF and new molds, will proudly display my GF for next 40 years or so god willing.
  4. Terrible news, by the time I started collecting molds empire was gone along with tpi and union shortly after. I guess just happy general was able to provide me with a lot of great molds, this is unfortunately the end of new molds it seems,rip gf you will be missed
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