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    When I was 4, our neighbor dressed up as Santa Claus and came to visit me. "Santa" was so convincing - a giant in his red suit with a very hearty Ho-Ho-Ho - that he scared the living daylights out of me and I screamed bloody murder and ran to hide.
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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that the ChristmasLightFinder.com website has undergone a complete update and I'd like to ask everyone who has a listing on the site to log in and update your display informaiton. Just visit the site and click on the Log In button in the menu. Your old login information should still work. And, of course, we welcome new listings as well. I want to be sure that display information is current as we've been getting some media attention the past wekk or so. Listings remain free and we've added a bunch of new features such as the ability to add 3 images as well a
  2. Would anyone know anything about this nativity set by any chance? The pieces are about 23"-24" tall and each weighs in the neighborhood of 8-10 pounds. It appears to be made of some type weatherproof resin and is relatively new. The set was acquired by a friend of mine and he was wondering about value. If you have any ideas, please let me know. Thanks! Janice
  3. I'd like to add that this MADRIX class is the only training demonstration at a Christmas expo that has been fully endorsed by MADRIX. Way to go Brad! Thank you!!! Janice Christmas Expo http://www.ChristmasExpo.com
  4. Brian Bruderer, author of the SuperStar software, is teaching two classes at Christmas Expo - SuperStar Instant Sequence Tips and Tricks and SuperStar New Features for 2013. Check out the website for class descriptions. Janice http://www.ChristmasExpo.com
  5. Hey all - we totally understand the frustration and thank you for your comments and input regarding Christmas Expo. Please let me assure you first of all that Christmas Expo is happening this year. We’ve actually been working hard behind the scenes to develop all the back office details needed to produce another quality event … all while learning about the area, the vendor database, researching potential new vendors, revising the website and implementing an advertising and social media campaign to promote the Expo. We apologize that we’ve frustrated you – the loyal attendees – while we transit
  6. Lots of questions have been coming in about Christmas Expo. Yes! The event is definitely happening in beautiful Gatlinburg on July 11-13, 2013 and interest in the event has been wonderful. Your favorite vendors will be there with their new product lineup and the classes are just what you're looking for. New classes and vendors are being added so keeping checking our new website. Hope to see everyone there! The new "elves" on the CE block... Janice Blasko Joyce Perhac http://www.ChristmasExpo.com
  7. Markus - your display is absolutely incredible! Great job. Janice
  8. I noticed that my 8' snowglobe had alot of "snow" stuck to the vinyl and figured it was a static cling issue. I remember seeing it last year too but didn't have time to look very closely at it. Well, I decided today to reach in there with a broom thinking I could just sweep them off. No luck - it seems they are almost melted into the vinyl. I even tried using my fingernails to scrape off an area that I could reach and couldn't budge them. The globe always stays inflated and although I've had some fog issues in the past, it's never been a huge issue. I'm in Florida though so the sun does warm i
  9. I just checked our database at www.ChristmasLightFinder.com and am showing a number of displays within 25 miles of Naperville zip codes (I searched on 60540 & 60563). Maybe some of these would work for you? Hope this helps, Janice
  10. Thank you!! I never would have thought of them.
  11. My Santa-in-bed inflatable blew a fuse tonight and, of course, there's no extra fuse in the plug or in the box it came in. The instruction sheet says the fuse is a 50 watt. I'm not sure where I'd go to buy the new fuse though. Would they have them at Walmart? Home Depot? AutoZone? I'm not sure where to start the hunt so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Janice
  12. Sigh - yes, I'm sorry, there's been some memory problems that's causing it to return one page on occasion. It's not consistent though so we're having problems with troubleshooting. We're been making some tweaks so I hope the programming gods have it fixed soon.
  13. I'm the new owner of one of the "locator" sites - www.ChristmasLightFinder.com. It was started about 6 years ago by another PC member and I just recently took it over. I'm actively advertising the site in numerous online locations so I'd love to have more "display artists" include their listings. One person recently told me that he didn't want to list his site because he didn't feel it was good enough. My feeling is that if it makes a child smile, it's absolutely perfect! Janice
  14. I have the wireframe version of this from J.C. Penney that I bought about 5 years ago. I used it one year and haven't used it since. It doesn't have much to counterbalance it and it kept falling over, no matter how well I anchored it. Janice
  15. I seldom post on these boards but just had to on this story. After a week full of news reports filled with people behaving selfishly and irresponsibly, this is a story that renews the faith. You and your wife raised a great son (and you demonstrated a generosity of heart), your neighbors cared enough to help pass the word, the boy's mom made sure her son took responsibility for his actions and the young man now has an appreciation for the Christmas spirit in more ways than one. How very cool! Janice
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